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ChexSystems Solutions - Second Chance Checking Banks

Free List of Non ChexSystems Banks

Note: If you’re interested in a Free Book on ChexSystems Removal, let us know your biggest questions related to chex systems (Read more about it here).

About 80% of all banks in the US use ChexSystems to verify new bank accounts. The following is a list of banks that do not use ChexSystems. If you would like to suggest a bank that is not listed here, please use the comment form below.

Access National
Apple Creek Banking CompanyOhioN/A
Armed Forces Bank (military)Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington,
Bank of GueydanLouisianaN/A
Bank of
Bank of
Capital City BankAlabama, Florida,
Chester National BankIllinois,
Citizens State
City National Bank &
Community Bank &
Elizabethton Federal Savings
Elk Horn Bank &
Equitable Savings and
First Convenience
First Internet Bank of
First State
First State
First State Bank of
First United
Fort Sill National Bank (military)California, Delaware, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee,
Fremont National Bank &
Glenview State
Greenville National
ING DirectOnline -
Kevil BankKentuckyN/A
Keystone Savings
Marketplace BankFloridaN/A
Old Florida
Peoples Trust & Savings
Regions BankAlabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina,
South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia
Renasant BankAlabama, Mississippi,
Security Bank of Southwest MissouriMissouriN/A
Suntrust BankAlabama, Arkansas, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West
TCF BankArizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota,
Teche Federal
The Farmers State
USAA (military)Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Texas,
Valley State
Wayne County

595 Comments to “Free List of Non ChexSystems Banks”

  1. Debra says:

    Looking for everyone’s account and bank updates. I am with Regions. Have checking, savings and my yearly vacation CD. Main thing I like about Regions is there is a local branch and they are in most areas I may travel in.

  2. Debra says:

    Anyone interested in opening a checking account with Regions Bank I can get you a free $50 when you open a new account.
    This is not a scam. It is a real $50. The only catch is it has to be a new account and has to go through me. No, I will not know any of your personal information nor will I ask for it. I do need your name and email address simply to send the invitation but your email will not be used for anything other than the invitation and it will come directly from Regions.
    I have 3 accounts with Regions and have been in chexsystem and have bad credit.

  3. Shaun says:

    I have a Suspected fraud listed on my chexsystems report from 5 years ago on March 18th. Are suspected fraud listings deleted after 5 years?

    • DEON says:


  4. Nick says:

    Dollar bank and Allegheny Valley Bank in Pittsburgh, Pa don’t use chexsystem either. Not mentioned above

  5. Beth says:

    Armed Forces is GREAT< I have them. They also have mobile check deposite so no need to go to the bank. I have two entries on chexs. Bank of the West (paid) and Us BAnk not paid yet. They don't have a bank by me well about a hour away. Also They have 3 other banks associated with them you can apply with and they will work to. Armed forces bank has a secured credit cards and secured lines of credit to get you back on your feet. I have no issues with them. I find them better then the "big" banks to tell you the truth.

    Someone told me that Southwest Financail does not run chexs.. Anyone no if this is true. I applied online and did there verify id then they said they send me a email. They did. Told me to print out app and picture id and fax it and once they recive this paper they will open my account (within same day) …

  6. ken says:

    First nation bank/first convience bank of Texas. Stress free

  7. daniel says:

    well i live in ne ohio moving to florida looking for a well know bank in ohio to open a checking account that would be in florida to i see alot of people are talking about i take it region bank doesnt check with chexsystems…well i been on chexsystems for years i tried to solve the issue with the banks but unfortuannally noone knows anything…so besides region is there any other nation wide banks that i can apply to in ohio that would be in florida when i get to florida i dont have to find a bank down there and go through this crap..any info would be kindly appreciated thank you

  8. Beth says:

    Accounts I have had or have. I’m on Chexs:
    HSBC: online savings account only…
    USAA: great bank one of my fav. They run Telecheck.
    NFCU: Great bank many locations. They run nothing. !!! try and get in.
    US bank: as long as it’s been over 3 years
    L.A Fire credit Union: Must be paid, once paid will open a account for you.
    Capital One: Money Market account only
    Discover: Money market account only
    ING Direct: must have GOOD credit
    Just applied for Armed Forces Bank so we shall see if this is true…..

    I see alot of info on Regions they use EWS and BB@T they also use EWS. EWS reports take about a week to get back so accounts are closed later for that reason. Good luck I hope this helps some.

    • Debra says:

      What is NFCU and ETRAD Brokerage?

      • beth says:

        Navy Federa lCredit Union .. They do not run anything. You are suppose to know someone in the military to get in but you can lie and say you were. hey don’t check .. Just do a online app.

        Also ETRADE has a brokerage account. It’s just like a checking. You get a check card, checks, mobile deposit. The cool thing there mobile deposit there is no limit so you never go to the branch. They also reimburse all ATM fees quick. You can withdraw up to a 1000.000 a day. There online services are great. The bill pay is great… I actually really like ETRADE.. I still use them till this day. The only thing is you have to open with a 1000.00 but just sign up for dd. And your good to go. REMEMBER SIGN UP FOR THE BROKERAGE PART NOT THE CHCECKING.

        also theres Armed Forces Bank… They do run chexs but very very liniment

  9. Kay says:

    First Merit Bank will open an account for anyone who is on Chexsystems or EWS; just make sure that if you apply online that you have sufficient funds on your cc/debit card/ or checking account otherwise their security department will close your account….. Also Baxter Credit Union in Illinois will open an account for you

  10. Shun says:

    I owe BOA, overdraft they reported me. 1st convenience bank approved me and they give you over draft up to $700(with direct deposit). I applied to Regions about a month ago and was approved! Has not closed. Currently the have a promo going on where you $125 for opening a Account. You have to put in the promo code or you will not get the money (i forgot to put in the promo code lol) Open account with $50. The only catch to not get a fee charge you will have to make a deposit of $1000 with direct deposit in your acct per billing statement not problem for me.

  11. Sandra says:

    the assistant vice president at wells fargo told me that if i pay my old wachovia accounts she can open me a opportunity checking,does anyone know anything about this.

    • Betty says:

      Wells Fargo opened a second chance account for me ,which is an opportunity account.I went into the bank to make a withdrawal from my account,they had closed it,without notification,and tried to keep my money and mail it to me in 10 days,until I told them,this was not happening.They said they closed it because I owed another bank.I said to them you knew that when you opened the account.I would not trust this bank,they have done this to several people.US Bank is a good bank to open a second chance account,you can do it online.Hope this helps

  12. deb says:

    I was in chex system and was able to open a checking account with bbt bank, but when I wrote a check at the grocery store it was declined because of chex system ..

  13. liz says:

    Just opened up an cct with Regions online took less than 5 minutes with no problem.

  14. aaron says:

    I have found that a lot of the smaller banks where you live have “opportunity checking” or “second chance checking” accounts. These smaller banks have to compete with the big banks and they offer these checking accounts to people with derogatory ChexSystems information. I would encourage everyone to look in your local phone book for some of the smaller banks in your area and give them a call or, better yet, email them. They are faster to respond, more personable, and their fees are lower than these multi-state big banks.

    If you do get your credit repaired then the best decision is to tell the bank you’re taking your business elsewhere. Take your money to a credit union. This is always the preferable way to go. Credit unions are not for profit and they are so much more forgiving when you make a banking (overdraft) error. Their fees are lower. If the credit union collects fee, however, they are given back to members in the form of higher interest and lower rates on loans. There are “big” credit unions just like there are “big” banks so the smaller the better. If I hadn’t made a mistake with ChexSystems then I’d be at a credit union.

    In Kansas there is Central National Bank which is scattered across the state. Southwest National Bank in Wichita offers second-chance checking. I believe Sunflower Bank has a program for second chance checking as well. Stay away from the big banks if at all possible.

    • Sandra says:

      The asst. vp at wells fargo told me that if i paid my old accounts that i had with wachovia that I could open the opportunity account but I just read on here where someone said that their opportunity account was closed within a week and her deposits were held, do you think this vp knows what shes talking about.

  15. Michelle says:

    Hey Everyone, just open an account at TD. They are really GREAT!!

    • Fay says:

      I payed off my debt with BOA & I disputed my consumer report with EWS. They investigated it and in the end I was removed from EWS. So I have a clean slate. Since then I’ve opened up an account with Suntrust & its been great.

    • Phyllis Gambles says:

      What is TD?

  16. The R Bro says:

    I was reported to Chexsytems and EWS (Early Warning System) for my Bank of America account that was closed due to be overdrafted for too long. The amount was $272 and I have partially paid ($100). I was denied by a few banks here in GA because of chexsystems.

    I signed up online for Regions Bank, and it appears to be working all good. I am going up there to make my initial deposit now, and I will give an update hopefully a while from now when my account is still open ;-)

  17. EricD. says:

    TD Bank, TD Ameritrade are the same company. Open a brokerage account with a small amount of money, then you can order a debit card and checks. I did it, and like them a lot until they put a six day hold on some checks that I deposited, that was a major pain, but otherwise, they are great to work with. I just opened an account with USAA online, and I am sort of shocked that I was able to. I have one item in Chexsystems from within the last five years, other banks have turned me down flat. Steer clear of ING Direct now, since U.S. operations were sold to Capitol One.

  18. Bob Walberg says:




  20. deon says:

    Hey guys I also got the fraud off my chexsystems report that bank of america put on there by sending in a police report and I also opened up an account at fifth third last week my armed forces bank account is going well.deon

    • dymples says:

      Hey Deon,

      What did your police report say?

      • deon says:

        Well dimples I was a fraud victim with credit cards but on my chex report bank of america had me down for suspected fraud activity. So I sent that police report in and like about 2 weeks it was off my report now fifth third has me down for fraud now I gotta clear that up deon

  21. deon says:

    Hey guys I got my debit card from armed forces bank I gonna love this bank they have four different bank I can bank with and they offer an cash advance like check n gogo but with out all the interest.

    • Tashatrip says:

      Deon, I decided to take your advice and give Armed Forces Bank a try. I signed up online today for a checking and savings. Will keep you posted of the outcome.

    • Tashatrip says:

      Just got my email notification that my checking account and savings account has been opened. Also sent me my account numbers.

      • deon says:

        I love armed forces bank we can also bank with sun bank as well as the other three banks they own I love the cash advance I already had four direct deposit go into my checking account you are gonna love them deon

        • Beth says:

          So it’s true that Armed Forces Bank does not use Chexs have heard yes and no…. WE live by one and was interested but we are in Chexs. I applied online have not heard anything yet. I have to scan my id and sig card. But they gave me the wrong fax number ugh…

    • Sherrice says:

      I just opened an account at afbank and I was wondering how do you qualify for the cash advance. Thank you

  22. w says:

    Suntrust do use chexsystem and Early warning.

  23. Tonika says:

    No lie I have a lot of negatives in chexsystem a I just applied with TD Bank and they gave me checking and savings. I recommend anyone who needs an account apply with them!!!!

    • Debra says:

      Did you apply online?

    • Debra says:

      Thanks for the info Tonika,
      I went to TD today and opened a checking account and was out of there in a matter of 15 minutes, now I plan to close out my HSBC account its just not enough branches in my area, they closed the branch that was 2 steps from my job so I had to go three cities away just to deposit or withdraw money but now Im only ten minutes away from TD bank and my pay check is drawn on them and that makes it all the more the better for me..yes!!!!

    • rudy says:

      Hi Tonika. Does your account at TD still open? Wanted to try open one let me know if works thanks

  24. deon says:

    Hey guys its deon yup I got my account number and everything. Debit card is on the way so if you want a bank account call armed forces bank yeah baby.

  25. deon says:

    Hey guys armed forces bank are a second chance bank I have seven things on chex system and I just opened an freedom checking account and savings as long as you’re not on the ofac database or owe armed forces anything you are good I’m not gonna mess this up deon.

  26. Debra says:

    Has anyone tryed Ally Bank? they look good on their website.

  27. Michelle says:

    I’ll try TD. Will let you know what happens

  28. Michelle says:

    Anyone know of any banks in Massachusetts that are free of
    Checksystems Clarity and Telechex?

  29. Banker says:

    Ok so here’s my input. I owed bank of America so in chex system
    1.Regions Bank is so awesome got account with them online all went smooth , no chex systems. They are btw an amazing bank.
    2. Wells Fargo does have a opportunity checking with many restrictions but that bank sucks so bad believe me I know. They charge you all the time and they will change monthly requirements all the time so make sure to read all the mail they send you cause that’s how they get you. Everything is mailed and if you don’t read it then its your fault. They did take bail out money but never used it. They saved Wachovia from bankruptcy and its many employees from becoming laid off. I guess the moral of the story is, they are still a multi million dollar company for a reason. Read and educate yourself on everything about your account such as fees all them monthly, overdrafts non sufficient etc.
    At the end of the day banks are out to make a profit so know before you sign anything, also be weary of opting in to overdraw your account with your debit card, its called debit card overdraft service, it allows you to.overdraw on your debit card and accept paying 35 dollar each.time regardless of the amount. It could be 99 cents and you’ll get charged. That works for some people but can be destructive for others. Happy Banking!

  30. Kym says:

    TD bank does not run Chex Systems

  31. Sarah says:

    TD Bank opens checking accounts!! I have 7 items on chex and they opened it online for me immediately.

  32. Kory says:

    Went into Wells Fargo, and VIOLA! they opened up four (4) business checking accounts and 4 business savings accounts.

    So, now I am set and ready. Thanks Wells Fargo!

    • Melanie says:

      *******Do not subject yourself to a Wells Fargo account!!!*********

      Wells F*cko is the reason I am looking for non-Chexsystems banks. They screw you six ways from Sunday, every chance they get.

      A regularly posting transaction of $2.49 – yes, TWO DOLLARS!!! – caused me to be overdrawn by nearly $300 due to Wells Fargo’s policy of rearranging the TIME of deposits – not the date, the TIME – so that they could overdraw me, charge me, then transfer from my savings, thus overdrawing that, charging me, then transferring from my business account, overdrawing that, charging that, then hitting the savings there, too.

      The $2.49 was a monthly charge, as was the deposit (technically made the DAY BEFORE) – but they rearranged the time by ONE MINUTE so that they could basically put me out of business.

      Which they did.

      Their take on it? “It’s perfectly legal in this state.” That doesn’t make it right.

      Oh, but it gets better. After holding me hostage via Chexsystems (which I cannot believe is still legal) – they REFUSE TO FIX IT even though I paid their ransom in full, in cash, in person, and have the receipts. Thanks to them, I cannot open even a savings account, and I did nothing wrong.

      Stay away from the government-owned Wells Fargo banks. They are dirty. That’s why they needed bailouts, and that’s why they are still losing lawsuits in several states.

      • Phillip says:

        I don’t believe you. In fact, you probably work for Chexsystems collection department. I also doubt that Chexsystems has 80% of all financial institutions. They have a competitor called TeleCheck

        • Melanie says:

          Who works for whom? You don’t have to believe me. I’m stating fact. The most recent installment of this fun quest is that – even after paying their extortion money in full – they say they “updated” my account, but all they did was add a note. Of course, all of this takes over three months. They still show me as owing money, which is a flat-out lie, and I still can’t open an account – credit unions don’t consider notes, only the status.

          WF’s take on it? 2 hours of being transferred, put on hold, one very nice gentleman that argued with me and then transferred me to the RECORDING at Chex. Nice. I called back, and, after another 45 minutes of transfers and hold music, was told that they didn’t understand what I meant – they honestly cannot comprehend the difference between and updated status and a NOTE. The very proactive person I was finally transferred to said he’d send an email. So far, he’s the most helpful. Big help.

          Now, just curious, what on earth could someone who works for CS possibly hope to gain by insulting one of their lapdogs? You, sir, make no sense.

          • Dametri says:

            Melanie, You are right 100%!! Wells Fargo used to be Wachovia and they do use tricks and scams against consumers. They did the same thing to me several years ago before they changed their name from Wachovia as far as the “re-arranged” charges on my account. Thanks for your insight!!!

            • Austin says:

              Wells Fargo is notorious. They double deposited a check in my business account and credited my account twice and did not inform me. So when I used up the funds then they reversed the double deposit. Then they blocked my business account and personal account. My personal account had over $1300 and they pretty much stole it.

          • Denise says:

            You are so right about some of these banks. They have to to fill out the applications online and when you get ready to go into a local branch to deposit some money wheather its a check or cash, they say that there may be something wrong or pull up a old account from chexsystems. I was a wells fargo account holder and they would put holds on my accounts that had more than $500 in it and when i thought the money could be used to purchase other business items the checks that i would write would come back as NSF. So i would call the bank and they would tell me a lame story about holding the money because the transaction was to large of amount.

      • Bee says:

        i believe u cuz they did the same to me…..

    • Carmen says:

      I opened an “Opportunity” account with Wells Fargo. A week later, my account was closed, with no notice. I called and said, why didn’t the check I deposited 3 days ago get “Posted?” It’s still “Pended.” They said, “Oh. You’re account was closed because we got some information back that wasn’t available when you came in to open your account.” Okay. Cool. I said, “Can I just go into the branch to pick up my money?” Their response…”No. You have to wait for a cashiers check to be mailed. Could be 2 weeks.” This all happened 2 weeks before Christmas, and I have a 10 year old child. They held my paycheck hostage. I got a NetSpend card, which is just like an online checking account. It’s a $5/month flat fee with direct deposit. I can do ACH and Money-Orders and all that…just no paper checks. They even allow overdrafts. If you overdraw less than $10 there is no fee. If you overdraw more, it’s a $15 fee. You have 24 hours to deposit money before they charge a fee, and there’s a max fee of 3/month. I’m not overdrawing though…That’s what got me in trouble in the first place. I’m looking for a real checking account now though, because paying rent online I have a $15 service fee, so I really just want to be able to write a check.

      • Sandra says:

        The assistant vice pres at wells told me that once i paid my old accounts with wachovia she could open me an opportunity account with wells do you think everything will be ok.

      • mloz says:

        go to bank of the west but they will hold your opening deposit if its a personal check,payroll for 9 days but if you use cash they post it same day minimum opening deposit is $100 good luck my freind

  33. Josh says:

    I opened an account with Suntrust online and it was closed 3 days later.

    • Karyn F says:

      If their is a Wells Fargo bank in your state, try that bank. I have negative info in Chexsystems and was able to open a checking and savings account with Wells Fargo.
      Good Luck!!

  34. Kory says:

    OK, so here’s the update I promised (see previous post on March 18, ’12):

    Armed Forces Bank ( denied me, but said they would open it once I paid like $233–not happening. said they don’t do accounts in the state where I live.

    So funny enough, I WAS approved for a Merchant Account with ICS (totally different animal, but I mention it because Merchant Accounts are harder to get than checking accounts.

    So, guess as it turns out, I will stay with Chase; the cool thing is I will open my business in the next few days, and make about $6,000 monthly, and then I will add 10 employees and make about $45,000 monthly (net).

    So, like I said in the previous post, I will then go to several banks with my bank statement, and tell them I need a business account. We shall see how they respond then. Again, I will give an update to this site. Why am I doing this (updates?) To brag? Perhaps, but not totally.

    My ex-wife used to tell me a lot of negative things when she could not get a checking account. And I told her, and now I am going to tell you (which is why I am doing the updates), that it works like this:

    Banks give accounts to people (even tho’ they are on ChexWrecks systems) that “make” them money. So, the point is, I have made a sincere effort to open a checking account, have gone to several local and even “online” places and you have heard the report.

    Now I will honestly give you the report of how they behave (do they open or not an account for me), when I have $10,000 in monthly deposits, $20,000 in monthly deposits and say $50 to 80 thousand in monthly deposits.

    Here is what I have seen and here is what I still predict. Yes. They will open an account and give me pretty much whatever I ask for, if I am making monthly deposits between $6,000 and up. Why? Because if you have that money on deposit they can make money off of your deposited funds. So, you see, at the end of the day, ChexWrecks is just a another scam to excuse why they don’t have to fool with people who have little to no money, who have proven to not pay, even if it was the who was taking advantage of the customer (see previous post [US Bank]). At least that is what I have observed.

    So, in conclusion for now, like I said before, don’t despair, don’t give up. Get a plan, be persistent and things will work out.

    My next post will be the outcome of trying to open a local checking account, using my Business Tax ID number, showing my bank statements and letting the branch manager decide if they want to take on a new account that will give them opportunity to make money even tho’ “I” am on ChexWrecks for $239 or more.

    I bet you dollars to donuts they will have a whole different song and dance when they realize they will be able to make money off of me, and their whole Chex System excuse will be all but dead.

    We shall see. I will tell you the truth. My guess/prediction is, I will be able to open multiple accounts at multiple different brands of banks and you can judge for yourself just what Chex Systems was really designed for.

    Now you may say, “Well, that doesn’t help me, I don’t make $40,000 a month, etc.

    OK. I agree, it’s not exactly a solution for everyone. But here’s what you can take away from it. 1) Chex System is a scam. 2) Banks use the same to excuse why they won’t help (basically so they don’t have to open a low volume account that “may” not go perfectly. 3) Banks use the system to excuse their passing of judgment on you. How sick is that? 4) You have got to come up with a way to forget all that garbage, and go forward believing that you can beat the system (or at least not pay any attention to it–because whatever you believe is what you achieve. And before you know it, you’ll have an account open.

    That is my point more than anything else. Don’t despair, decide on what you want, and work towards it. It will happen. It may take some months, even years, but it will happen. That’s the message. That is what I did and its working. It will also work for you.

    • Kory says:

      Thanks for posting about the Opportunity Wells Fargo account. I think I will go attempt to open a “business” account with them in the next few days. Again, I will update how that goes.

      If, they open the account, I will funnel the Merchant Account deposits (funds received from having customers use their Credit/Debit Cards to pay for stuff offered by my business) into the Wells Fargo Business Account, then I will transfer the majority of funds (from the Wells Fargo Account) into the Chase Account. Then after 3 months go by, and there is $30,000 in my Chase account, I will go into Chase and say,

      “Ya know, I came in here to open a business account 5 1/2 months ago, and you all wasted my time… (after I had had a personal account for about 4 months) telling me it may not be approved because I had a ‘special’ account.

      Then, I came in here 3 1/2 months ago (now 7 1/2 months with Chase), and instead of just opening a 2nd personal account (like I asked) so that my Merchant Deposits would have a place to land so I could separate them from my personal checking, you further wasted my time by giving me all sorts of different answers, and more importantly, didn’t open a 2nd ‘personal’ account. (Bear in mind I have had no returned items, in the last 7 1/2 months since the account was opened–nada.)

      Then, about a week after that, I called, and asked to have my personal ‘special’ account converted over to a regular personal account as opposed to the ‘special’ account that I now have, and it was after 7 1/2 months of perfect account handling, and I was told I have to wait 8 to 10 months (not 7 1/2)–after they originally told me it’d be only 6 months to be converted to a regular account when I originally opened the account.

      Again you wasted my time.

      So, I think banking here is apparently a waste of my time–or so it seems. I guess, I will go ahead and keep my funds somewhere else. So, let’s just withdraw the $30,000 (IN CASH please) and I will put it somewhere else where my time is not wasted.”

      And I guarantee you, they will bend over backwards to encourage me to re-think my request.

      And I will say, “Nah, I am tired of having my time wasted. Besides, it is now time to open my other business (the million dollar one where I gave you and your Branch Manager a 30+ minute highly professional presentation so that you’d know what the opportunity would be, and I just cant’ see trusting you with the millions of dollars when you can’t even make the correct decisions where only a few thousand are concerned.

      So, yeah, just give my $30K (in cash), I will put it in another bank, where I will also open my ‘big’ business account, and give them a shot to see if they do any better. Oh, and by the way, why has not my ‘special’ account been converted over to a regular account; did you drop the ball on that as well? It’s been 10 1/2 months since I opened my account, I have $30,000 in it, but now what? I have to wait a year to have it converted? Do you see what I am talking about. Promises promises. I don’t need that. I need a bank that can handle a big business, and apparently this one isn’t it.”

      I won’t care at that point what they say, how they act, whether they close the account, or shit their pants. See, when you have $30K in cash, you can go out and open as many accounts as you want (but don’t put more than $7,000 into an account. When you do, banks are required to file (at the $10K mark) a thing with the IRS [and probably Homeland Security--another joke] as an alert that you may be doing elicit things. Imagine that. $10 grand and you get an alert sent out on you.) So yeah, deposit $7 grand, not $30,000 into one brand. And that is what I will do. I will open multiple accounts–at multiple brands, and then whatever is left over I will plop back into my business account at Wells Fargo. Then, I will transfer EVERYTHING (Merchant Account Deposit, Business Bank Account at Wells Fargo, etc.) over to a new Brand Bank because I hate Wells Fargo. Won’t bother you with that story, but yeah, Wells Fargo will Never have my business funds. Sure, I will allow it for 3 months, but then its done.

    • mercedes says:

      Thanks Kory!!!

    • deon says:

      Well guys I’m back just received my debit card all I have to do is order checks now and armed forces bank offer an secured credit card I’m gonna love this bank and they also offer an cash advance just like check n go but without all the high interest

  35. KaySmith says:

    I went into the Wells Fargo Branch yesterday and they offer second chance banking which is called the Opportunity Checking Account. You will get approved as long as you are not in check systems for an old Wells Fargo Account. I was approved for a checking and savings account. information below

    Opportunity Checking – Wells Fargo

    • ATM GUY says:

      WF does have a second chance checking for people with Chexsystem problems. After a week or so they gonna closed it. When you asked them why ???… Here is the answer. You ready for this.
      Your account is close base on the info we received from Chexsystem. OH by they way we frozed
      your accounts so you can’t give you your money right away but don’t worry we mail it to you in 30 days. We know you put all your money in our bank and you have no money left. But we don’t give a F%!#…

  36. Lia says:

    Shay in texax just wondering what type of issues were reported on your chexsystems report to get an account with suntrust i tried and it didnt work i owe bank of america and had an account close for suspicious activity from wood forest bank. Wood Forest does second chance and also one called peoples choice money management i applied for them awaiting response usaa is good i also have a joint account with them that my husband applied for with both of us on it. I am going to try for my own with them has anyone tried ING direct let me know what happened with them

    • EricD. says:

      ING Direct used to be awesome, but their U.S. operations are being purchased by Capitol One, so…….RUN. I do believe that they are now using Chexsystems.

  37. Kay Smith says:

    I was just approved for the Wells Fargo opportunity account today!!!!This is there second chance account. I went into the branch….and was approved for a checking and savings account…check it out.

    • Karyn F says:

      I took your reccomendation and went to Wells Fargo Bank. Yepee!!! I was approved for a checking and savings account. To open the checking account, I had to deposit $100.00 in my checking and $100.00 in my savings. Thanks for the info.

  38. KaySmith says:

    I was just approved for a savings account through HSBC!!! All was done online!!!

    • Walter says:

      I have been with HSBC for over 3 months and so far I don’t have any problems with them. This is with me having an awful history with TD Bank and Bank of America. So definitely my ChexSystems history is pretty bad. So I recommend HSBC since they don’t seem to rely on ChexSystem.

  39. ginnyprince says:

    People’s Bank in Texas will open an account with a negitive on Checkxysytems. A total free Mastercard debit and all you pay is the cost of checks. $30 opens the account.

    • Debra says:

      I have a account with Peoples Bank in Texas. Checking with debit card. I just got my savings application today. For some reason I couldn’t open both at the same time.

  40. AES says:

    So I keep reading about Regions bank. I called today to open an online checking account. I was that they where unable to complete the verification procces and asked me to go to a local branch. I will be doing son tomorrow. I am in the Chexsystem after wumu/chase killed me with overdraft fees. I hope all goes well. Any thoughts?

  41. shan says:

    time to leave this website. I complained long time back that ing direct doesnt open bank account for people who are on chex system or with bad credit. By chance if it is opened for such candidates, within one month the bank close their account. WHY ING BANK IS NOT REMOVED FROM ABOVE LIST. same way some one complained about First Internet Bank of Indiana. same thing it is not REMOVED. If you dont care about users comments then its useless to come over here. I AM LEAVING THIS WEBSITE

    • shawnell says:

      I had an account with them for a while, a savings but i cant open a checking, my credit i guess.

      • heather says:

        denied me today for a checking due to bad credit. to open a checking there you have to have credit to establish their overdraft line of credit, just fyi…or they will deny you.

        • memyselfi says:

          I called ING and they do a credit check. They’re website says “hard check” which is more thorough than a soft check that some banks do.

          • memyselfi says:

            Ooops….their bank…not they’re in the above ING post. Also want to add that FSNB does not do a credit check and I’ve been successful with them (hate a lot of things), but if you need a bank that doesn’t do a credit check, FSNB will approve you.

    • Debra says:

      Several banks need removed. This list must be old and outdated.

  42. Kory says:

    So, I started with 1), applied online for a business account, then 2), applied online for a personal account.

    Both said they will contact me in a day or so (I did this on Sunday, 6 AM, today). I don’t know what to expect–either a denial letter or an acceptance letter. I have an account at Chase.

    I don’t have any issues with Bank of America, but I do have 2 really bad looking things on Chex Systems several years ago–that will never be paid.

    One is with US Bank. They charged me like 10 overdraft fees for using my card for $1.50 here and $3 there (10 different trxs) all in the same day. I was under the impression I could make a $300 cash deposit before the close of the business transaction day, and that the charges would be withdrawn that evening. That’s the way US Bank used to be. But I guess they changed things and now they charge the account the instant you use your debit card. So there was no grace period and it racked up $300 in overdraft fees although I had only spent like $39 dollars in the morning–10 very small charges (collectively) and I made a cash deposit around 1:30 pm the same day, yet they said I owed $300 in fees because the money was not in the account until two hours later. The fees sucked up my entire $300 deposit I had made; so if anyone stole anything, it was clearly US Bank–not me. I told them they could forget it! closed the account and refused to pay the O/D fees… which is kinda funny cuz they got my $300 anyway. They show it on Chex Systems as unpaid. Don’t know if it is reported as Account Abuse or what. Nor do I care. BS is BS and I am not going to support it.

    Then, I have another one two years earlier. I think that one was actually my fault.

    Either way, Chase opened up a Checking account for me last August, but when I went to them to open a business account (recently) they said they were not sure if it would be approved… which to me was like saying, “It won’t be approved.” So I told them if that was the best they could do, I would go elsewhere. So, I am going elsewhere on this site. I will report back in a few days if the accounts at one or both of the above banks are opened.

    It’s gonna be interesting for sure. Charles Schwab opened up an account for me, and then closed it like 3 days later (online). That was 6 months ago. Before Chase bought out the failed bank (can’t remember the name) that bank opened an account for me, and then closed it like 7 days later. So yeah, that sucks when banks do that ‘cuz you think one thing and then it turns out something else.

    My credit score is not good; I divorced 3 years ago. The wife wanted a job based existence. I did not want that. I wanted a business based life with more potential. I am telling all these details because I want to give the reader a better idea of just what exactly has/is going on. But more importantly, I want to impart the message that being persistent does and will pay off.

    Sure, so you’re on ChexWrecks system. So what. Just keep going to credit unions, banks, etc. until somebody is in a good mood, likes you and will give you a chance. A lot of the places will turn you down cold if you mention Chex System. They act as if they are elite or something and you are garbage. But pay no attention to them. That same bank (that closed my account after a few days that Chase bought out–the one I can’t remember the name, ALSO FAILED in the millions or billions. So who are they to pass judgement–stupid morons!

    The point is, nobody’s perfect and no matter how much a bank, a person, a manager, a boss or a school teacher wants to purvey that you are not worthy of their time or services, just remember they too have their own failings. Maybe if everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was totally transparent, nobody would be judging anyone ‘cuz everyone would see that just because so and so is doing really good with such and such, they are doing suck and suck in another area.

    For example, I may be really good at this, but suck at that. And so it goes. Human beings are not perfect. Once everyone gets that and stops passing judgment, the world will make a lot more sense. I used to be a millionaire. Now I am not. I will be a millionaire again. So what. I had a bad year. So did Donald Trump. He filed bankruptcy you know. But it didn’t stop him. So, by all means, don’t beat yourself up ‘cuz some damn fool passes judgment on you. Remember, you have 13 trillion brain cells in your head (at last count), and that’s more powerful than any fool who would like to tell you your no good.

    Just be persistent. Get a plan. Try different folks, different brands, different times of the year, and it will come together eventually. I seriously thought that Chase would easily open a biz account for me after 6 months of perfect account handling–and they still may. But just ‘cuz they didn’t say it right when I was last in there, I am thinking about going somewhere else if I can. And bear in mind, this was after a 45 minute business plan presentation that blew their minds–yet they still had the gall to suggest that the account may not be opened. What a joke! The people who said that should not be the people saying that. They should be pulling staples or something–they clearly don’t know the first thing about business.

    Then, when I have millions rolling in each month, I will go back to Chase and show them my bank statement and I will say, like Julia Roberts on Pretty Woman, “Big Mistake”. Really I will. Or, I may not ‘cuz I don’t have time for such small minded bimbos.

    Anyway, it can feel offensive when people judge you, but just remember, nobody’s perfect–I don’t care who you are. Everyone sucks at something, and I would not say that just because you have a perfect bank account you are any better than someone else who does not when you are failing with your relationships (or in some other area, e.g. poor healthy, etc. I hardly call that successful when you are 3 feet wide, don’t do the world any good, but you, hey, you can balance your checkbook and keep a dead-end job. Hooray, you qualify for poverty!

    I would rather have a crappy bank account and the ability to have long lasting, enduring relationships with my kids–which I do. Just don’t have it with the wife, and now that it’s been 3 years guess who is coming out on top? Uh, well, I don’t want to brag.

    Life is not a competition. But one can and should take stock of their life and get it all sorted… not just in one area here while severely lacking in another. And when one does this, gets it all together across the board, it still does not make sense to judge those who are not there yet. It’s like I told a guy the other day: You could be rich and famous today and homeless tomorrow. It has and does happen.

    Good luck. I will post the outcome. I will expect the best and care not if something else shows up. Either way, I will get there.

    • shawnell says:

      Good luck. I have an account with armed forces bank. I open a regular savings then later a student checking. Even though im in a negative balance at the moment, i had them for a few months now. So u should be able to go through them. I did mines online to.

    • Nijmah says:

      I have been on Chex from many years since, my college years, and have in the past few years or so, open both checking and savings accounts with Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. I think they go by your credit score and only require you to have a 500 credit score… i opened both online and they are both still in tact years later.

      Hope this helps!

  43. Karl says:

    Some Great News Folks!!!
    I was in the ChexSystems for a couple of years and today I was approved for a free checking account with Suntrust Bank.
    I owed Bank of America and Capital One Bank respectively $600 and $144. My account was sent to the ChexSystems and I could not open an account. After a few months, I paid what I owed and requested that I received a paid-off letter from both Banks and from the ChexSystems as well. I laid low for a year and this morning I decided that it is time to reopen an account ( it sucks to live without an account)
    I met with a branch manager, I made my case and I was approved.
    I am quite happy.
    I hope my story will help the next. The goal is to pay back what you owe

  44. Mike Conway says:

    I tried going through First Internet Bank of Indiana, and I just got turned down due to information in ChexSystems, so you may want to remove them from this list.

  45. LaToya N. Chambers says:

    Folks the only wat you can Possibly get an account and be chexsystems if the bank reports that your account was overdrawn but if it say’s “Account Abuse” or Suspected fraud” you will be denied… no questions asked…

    • Arlette says:

      Check out a couple of banks near your home. If there is a criedt union, check with them and see if you qualify for membership.Many places a minor can open an account for $50. It may be higher but most banks will give a youngster a break, knowing they may stay a customer for years. Yes, you will get interest but it may not be a very high rate. Ask the banks about that. You may be able to find some information at their websites but you can also call.

    • DEON says:


  46. LaToya N. Chambers says:

    Hi folks of chexvictims I am in chexsystems I found out why a lot people are being denied accounts. First of all if you have had an account with Bank of America, They are sending letters to the banks that you are applying for, That’s why after a week or so the accounts are being closed. The best thing to do is just wait the five years. It will be very hard to open account… Oh yeah know that every time you try to open an account it goes as an inquiry on your chexsystem report.. and that’s not good that gives the banks more of the reason to deny you….or even close it later..

  47. shawnell says:

    I was able to open an account with hsbc and now waiting on my temporary password in the mail and my card soon. I did it online and i live in cincinnati,oh. I hope both banks armed force and this one will stay open for a long time.

    • shawnell says:

      Also with the hsbc bank i did online savings. I have not tried to do a checkings yet afraid that i may get turned down.

      • shawnell says:

        Well they decide to close my account just because they couldnt get in hold of me to verify my account but told me that i can open one back with them if i wanted to. I think im good on them . They didnt leave no voice mail or nothing so how would they expect for me to know that it was them with no call back number!! I think thats stupid.

  48. Debra says:

    Last week I sent off my application and opening deposit to Peoples Bank in Paris, TX.
    I have not heard back from them yet. I don’t know if this is a good or bad sign.

    • Debra says:

      Update: as of today my account at Peoples Bank is still open. I have checks and debit card. I’m going to call and ask for them to send me form for a savings account.
      It’s going to be difficult to mail deposits and wait to have access to funds. I work for a small business and I don’t think they offer direct deposit but I’m going to ask them.

  49. Cyn says:

    Access Bank in Virginia does credit checks now

  50. clark says:

    Regions just opened me an account as well as usaa

  51. Omi says:

    Best Bank in Georgia does not check credit. They also have a program if you are negative that allows you too payoff the balance without eating up your money. They also have loan programs that are helpful and they never run your credit.

  52. Jon says:

    Regions bank sent me a notice of closure within a week without giving any reason they are definitely on EWS! I don’t really know about chexsystems, but they share information these days I hear. I think its tragic that victims of somebody else’s criminal fraud are allowed to be treated like the criminals by these people – they should be ashamed of themselves!

  53. kjb says:

    I have tried many banks because I was put in chexsystems. I was told about regions bank so I went to apply and I got my Business checking account first and the I applied two days later and got my personal checking account. so please if there is a regions bank in your area go get your checking account. Good Luck!!! It was so quick and easy!

    • LaToya N. Chambers says:

      Hi kbj Goooood luck with regions.. My husband and I tried to open an account with regions and after two weeks they closed the accounts… due to bank of america sending over a letter….

      • FLguy says:

        I am also interested in the verification process for regions new checking accounts. I had a recent BOA checking be closed due to an overdraft and then it was reported to chexsystems and I dont remember even being notified of the account being closed until I went to open a new checking account this week.

        How is regions with opening a new checking with an overdrafted account listed on chexsystems? I’m not sure if its on EWS because I haven’t found a way to find out if I’m on EWS or not.

        • Shay says:

          Wow, I opened the account with suntrust online. I was approve with the account and was still opened until I close the account. I live in texas and I didn’t want the account that far away.

          Prepaid cards are not so bad. I have these cards like the western union prepaid card with no fees except the atm withdrawal. If someone sends money to you, I call the 800 number and have them transfer it from the western union to my prepaid card with no charge. I have both the moneywise and the gold. It accept direct deposit.

          I also have the and, both by netspend. The cool feature are they accept direct deposit, it has a saving account on the cards, with 500 or more deposit some of the fees are free with the exception of the atm withdrawals and a few other fees. I use mycontrol card wonderfully. It pays up to two days earlier. I get paid on the 1st of each month and one of my direct deposit is on this card and I get paid on the 26th of the month of every month. So instead of the 1st. I get it approx. 5 to 6 days earlier depending on the months. It may depends where you work and how soon they put the money in the account. As soon the card account receive the money, the bank put the money on my card. They do not wait until your payday.

          chase bank opened an account for me and I am still on chexsystem. Don’t get discourage. Keep trying. Try a credit union in your area.

          • Berlus says:

            It is usually roetrepd within 24 hours of the account closure. At least, that is the way WaMu use to operate in regards to charged off accounts. I highly suggest you go to your bank and pay off the balance because the longer it stays there, the more problems it will cause you. Good luck!

  54. Jorge says:

    Hi everyone
    I’m located in Miami Fl,
    Can someone tell me where to
    Open an account since I’m in
    Chexsystems, did call suntrust
    And a few others and they say
    They use chexsystem to open
    I really need help please

  55. kellyb says:

    Found this site after much searching, plan to give USAA a try this week. I have a few things on ChexSystems which has hindered me from opening an account.

    After reading through everything I am going to only try USAA to see how that works for me. I will keep you posted.

  56. Ieshia says:

    Opened an account with USAA I was successful. funded the account and now waiting for checks,Also tried HSBC, got approved now waiting to make sure they dont close the account. Im currently in chex sytems but I do have an account with suntrust, they dont check chex systems. I have had the suntrust account for over 3 years

  57. Lea says:

    Does anyone know if First Federal of Charleston (in Charleston, SC) help folks that are on chexsystems?

  58. Shia says:

    Hey USAA really does work!!! I have been using prepaid cards all this time, I am so excited!!! Thanks for the help!

  59. shawnell says:

    I just open two accounts for armed forces bank. I open a reg savings then some days later did a, well suppose to be student checking but they got it down as freedom checking. I got my card for my saving and should get a card for my checking within some days. I hope they don’t close my account. Things going ok so far. I live in cincinnati,oh and did it online. I will keep this one open with no problems if nothing don’t happen.

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