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Mango Prepaid Card

The Mango prepaid card offers you a fresh and innovative way to manage your money. It is a basic card that offers flexibility and security to all of its cardholders. There are no hidden fees or overdraft fees to worry about which makes it a prepaid card that is just about perfect!
If you expect more from your money then you will get it with the Mango prepaid card. This card offers a convenient and safe means of accessing and managing your money whenever you need it and wherever you may be when you need it.

Mango is MasterCard

The Mango prepaid card is a MasterCard product and it has many of the elements of a credit card, such as convenience and security. But it does not work upon credit. Instead you pre-load your own funds onto the card and from there the purchases you make are debited from your account. You are not borrowing any money from a credit card company and there is no money to pay back and no interest charges to worry about.

When you use the Mango prepaid card you remain in control of your finances at all times and you are able to effectively and easily track the spending that you do. It is a good feeling to know that you are in the driver’s seat of your own money and not someone else! With Mango you get to hold onto that feeling of control! You should expect more from your money and more from Mango. That is exactly what you get.

Mango Card Benefits

The Mango card is safer than is cash because you are not carrying around a bunch of bills and coins on you that could get lost or stolen. It is also super convenient. One piece of plastic can do so much!

The Mango card can be used at millions of different MasterCard Prepaid locations throughout the globe. If you see the MasterCard logo clearly displayed then this is your assurance that your Mango card will be accepted there. You can use the Mango prepaid card at retail stores, restaurants and ATM’s. You can also use it to do online shopping. This prepaid card can securely be used online or offline.

You can manage your Mango account online any time of the day or night. The online account facility never closes, even on holidays! The online account also makes it a simple process for you to track your spending so you know where every cent of your money has gone.

The fees involved with the Mango prepaid card are very simple. Cardholders are not charged any interest, hidden fees or overdraft fees. In most cases transferring money from one account to another does not cost a thing and there are no fees involved with swiping your Mango card anywhere that you use it. It would not hurt to check out the Mango card website at and take a look over the fees page before you start to use your card. In that way you will have an understanding of the fee structure.

The Mango Virtual Card

Everyone wants to play it safe when they shop over the Internet or when they play games online. If the thought of giving out your Mango account number concerns you then what you need is the Mango virtual card. This card works in the same manner as a regular prepaid card except for the fact that it is a virtual card. What this means is that it only exists in the online world.

You will not have a physical card that you will be able to carry around with you on your person.

The virtual card is very secure. You will be given a secure account number for the card, as well as a security code (CVC2) and expiry date. All of these items will link up to your account and will work in the same manner as a prepaid card- only just over the Internet. As soon as you enroll in Mango you can load $10 or more onto your Mango virtual card and then start using it from there.

  • FREE Prepaid MasterCard
  • $0 Activation Fee
  • FREE Direct Deposit
  • FREE unlimited purchase / signature transactions
  • FREE account management online or with your mobile phone
  • FREE to check your balance with your mobile phone
  • No monthly fee when you load $500/month
  • Send money with your mobile phone
  • Load cash at tens of thousands of retailers nationwide
  • No credit check, no bank account needed, no overdraft fees

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