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ChexSystems FAQ

How long will I be listed in ChexSystems?

5 years.

Do banks from other states check your ChexSystems record?

If you moved from one state to another, and wondering whether a bank will check ChexSystems, the answer is yes.  ChexSystems is a nationwide system, so if your name shows up in the database, it will be available to any member bank.

Does a ChexSystems report contain any positive information?

No, ChexSystems reports only contain negative information about someone.  A ChexSystems report may however, include a consumer statement describing their situation, much like a credit report.  So, in other words, someone with a good banking history will not appear in ChexSystems.

Can I get my name removed from ChexSystems?

Yes, but it’s not easy.  There are 2 situations when it is possible to get your name legally removed.  One, if the reporting bank requests the removal of your name.  Or two, if ChexSystems violates the law.

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