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PEX Visa Prepaid Card For Business

The PEX Visa prepaid card for business is the perfect card for getting funds to your employees right away in order that they can make necessary purchases for your business. It has so much to offer your business and the staff members that you have hired to help in the running of your company.

  • The tools that the PEX Visa prepaid card has to offer you include:
  • Instant funds to employees for purchases
  • A method for saving money – no overdraft fees or interest charges
  • Complete control (24/7) over how much and where your employees are spending money

If you have often thought that there must be a better way for your employees to make purchases for your business then you do not have to look any further than the PEX Visa prepaid card for business. As the owner of the business spending will remain within your control and any over spending is something that you can easily put an end to because you will be able to see when the card was used, how it was used, where it was used and why it was used.

Why Choose the PEX Visa Card?

When you have staff members who must be in charge of making purchases, whether it be on a frequent or infrequent basis, you need to be able to get the funds to them as soon as possible. Often time is of the essence. With the PEX card it is simple and easy to add money to the Visa cards of your employees in real time. This means that there is no waiting period between when they tell you that they are out of funds and when they receive the funds to buy whatever is needed.
Being in control is important when you run a business.

When you have complete control over what is being spent, whether it be small purchases or large ones then this makes it easier to stick to a budget. You can let your employees know what the budget is that has been allocated for them. From there they will know what their limitations are in terms of spending.

A PEX card can improve the cash flow for your business. There are no unpleasant money surprises when you have this card. You are never charged any overdraft fees and no interest charges. This makes it easier to hold onto more of your business’ money. As well this means that the administrative costs associated with such things as reimbursements and cash advances are controlled by you.
But that is not all. When you have the PEX Visa prepaid card for business your level of control never ends. It is 24 hours a day, seven days a week control. That is exactly what you want as a responsible business owner!
You also have the ability to access every aspect of the cards and programs related to your company. This also means that keeping track of the balance that you have in your main business account for holding funds is easier and less time consuming to do.

What else does the PEX card allow you to do?

You can:

  • Add or remove funds to your employee’s cards as required or temporarily suspend a card’s use
  • Click the names of individual employees to take a close look at the details of every transaction
  • Features that Involve Direct Control
  • There are certain features that the PEX Visa prepaid card for business has that make it such that you maintain direct control over the funds in your business account. These features include:
  • Real time electronic funding for the card
  • Funds can be separated between accounts for cardholders and a corporate holding account
  • Cards can be blocked or zero balances can be set
  • Daily spending limits can be set on cards
  • Card usage can be restricted according to merchant category
  • Funding rules for every card can be set
  • Package details spending can be reported by cardholder or it can be done in aggregate
  • Pie charts can be used to show corporate spending habits


The PEX Visa prepaid card for business can make spending a simpler thing for both the owner of a business as well as the employees. You owe it to yourself to apply for this prepaid Visa card today!

Provide your employees with a reloadable prepaid card for business expenses.

  • Trial offer – first 2 months free
  • Manage spending for staff in the field
  • Alternative to credit cards, petty cash, check reimbursements
  • Enforce budgets with individual card balances
  • Control spending by merchant category and daily limits
  • Online program management
  • No transaction or card load fees – simple pricing
  • No credit check required

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