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ChexSystems Solutions - Second Chance Checking Banks

Free List of Non ChexSystems Banks

Note: If you’re interested in a Free Book on ChexSystems Removal, let us know your biggest questions related to chex systems (Read more about it here).

About 80% of all banks in the US use ChexSystems to verify new bank accounts. The following is a list of banks that do not use ChexSystems. If you would like to suggest a bank that is not listed here, please use the comment form below.

Access National
Apple Creek Banking CompanyOhioN/A
Armed Forces Bank (military)Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington,
Bank of GueydanLouisianaN/A
Bank of
Bank of
Capital City BankAlabama, Florida,
Chester National BankIllinois,
Citizens State
City National Bank &
Community Bank &
Elizabethton Federal Savings
Elk Horn Bank &
Equitable Savings and
First Convenience
First Internet Bank of
First State
First State
First State Bank of
First United
Fort Sill National Bank (military)California, Delaware, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee,
Fremont National Bank &
Glenview State
Greenville National
ING DirectOnline -
Kevil BankKentuckyN/A
Keystone Savings
Marketplace BankFloridaN/A
Old Florida
Peoples Trust & Savings
Regions BankAlabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina,
South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia
Renasant BankAlabama, Mississippi,
Security Bank of Southwest MissouriMissouriN/A
Suntrust BankAlabama, Arkansas, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West
TCF BankArizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota,
Teche Federal
The Farmers State
USAA (military)Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Texas,
Valley State
Wayne County

595 Comments to “Free List of Non ChexSystems Banks”

  1. Steven says:

    Fifth Third Bank has opened an account for me and my partner. We are on Chex Systems and to date, it has not been closed or negatively impacted. We do direct deposit over $7000 a month into the account, so I do not know if this has any impact on this, but the bank does not know how much money will go into the account. Our account has been opened since December 21, 2011. We are almost at the two month mark and it has not been closed or negatively impacted. We have had no overdraft fees and Fifth Third’s online system, along with careful record keeping, has kept our account looking like a gold star.

  2. claudia says:

    HSBC uses chexsystem, i just got denied online : (

  3. shan says:

    ing direct need to be removed from the above list as ing direct closes accounts after opening or denies while opening

  4. Lacy says:

    After trying so hard and being in chex with 5 accts reporting, I was able to open an account with USAA. I have an online boutique and was thinking if I tried opening an acct with the tax Id # and LLC formation documents, they would run chex. I was wrong. BoA has me down for fraud suspicion and charged off at $42, suntrust with 2 accts and a local bank here called BNA AS WELL AS REGIONS. It’s been very trying. I just opened a business savings for PayPal deposits and I will transfer funds from savings to USAA as needed. I hope USAA doesn’t close the account. I need this acct so badly. Thanks to this page, I found out how great a bank USAA is. I heard of them bc both my sisters are in the military. Thanks again

    • Patrick says:

      I tried to open a checking and savings with USAA and was unable to do so…I am in the Delayed enlistment program in the USAF and yet they told me that an agency known as Early Warning Systems had told them basically the same thing Chexsystems would and they told me that they were unable to open an account for me

    • Selina says:

      Ive had USAA for a couple years and they are great!

    • Keith says:

      My situation is similar to yours. I only had one fraud from bank of america which was actually overdraft but nne the less, After reading your post i opened an account at usaa. Li8ke 10 minutes ago. i was wondering how it is going? I mean deposit is easy, They havent closed your account, no chexsystems bull? Glad I read your post. I will post if i run into any road blocks. I was honestly having a rough winter in 2008 and it is still in my chexsystem file. tryin to have it removed but not easy.

  5. Chris says:

    Has anyone been approved for a HSBC checking account? I was just approved after about of week of verifications and just received my check card. I’m hoping they don’t close the account like Compass Bank did……

    • tm says:

      I have been with HSBC for about a year now. No problems whatsoever. It’s weird though, they have NO overdraft penalties. For example, if I have 50 dollars in my account and buy 50 dollars worth of gas for my car (which is only a 1 dollar hold) and then spend 49 dollars on dinner, when the gas purchase clears, they do not charge you or being in the negative at all. When your next direct deposit hits, they just deduct it from that. Definitely a pro. Only con for me, is that I’m in VA and there are no branches or ATMs here.

  6. Shan says:

    Now it is time for me to find a FREE checking account with no restrictions, being on chex system and with bad credit. If any one does know anything about such banks please post

  7. Debra says:

    Has anyone tryed Peoples bank in Paris, TX? They have a second chance account that sounds like a good one.

    You guys that are applying to out of state banks, do these banks not wonder why you want a account in another state? Do they not ask?

    • debra f says:

      I have a checking account with Peoples bank in Paris Tx, and they are really good and will open an account for anyone regardless with their second chance checking, I fell on hard times and they closed my account because I had no activity on the account and owed them 20.00 but 6 months later I paid the 20.00 and they let me open up another account and I still have it now.

    • Sarah Lynn says:

      Yes, I currently have an account with Peoples Bank and have found it very helpful since I have a chex systems case that would not allow me to get a traditional checking account. The only down side is that if you do not have direct deposit it is costly to fund the account as it has to be done by Western union or Wire Transfer. But otherwise I have no complaints.

    • Gia says:

      I was able to open up an account at Peoples with no problem. I’m also on Chexsystems as well. Had trouble opening up an account locally.

      They are a great community bank. I bank from California, but someone actually answers the phone like a business and you they will transfer you to customer service immediately.

      Their bill pay is great. This account is so much better than the prepaid card I was using. Nothing fancy but it’s a full fledged checking account.

  8. shawnell says:

    Need help. I live in cincinnati,oh and trying to get an account open some where that don’t use chexsystems. It can be somewhere that i can open online and with in certain distances. Im looking for a checking or savings account. I had an account through bank of america, usaa, suntrust, scottrade bank(they dont check for that), chase( but i may have a chance to go back through them), pnc, us bank, capital one and key bank. Some found out, thats why my accounts was closed. I dont know where else to look.

  9. Zach says:

    I have a couple items in Chex Systems, and I was able to successfully open a USAA checking account (civilian) a few weeks ago. Direct deposit just kicked in this week. I haven’t ordered any checks yet; I was feeling a bit apprehensive about it just in case that was the one thing that got my account closed, but I saw someone else post that they ordered checks with no problem. Honestly, I can’t imagine what I would do with the checks since my wife and I both set up direct deposit already without them, so I may not order them at all. I plan to apply for one of their credit cards after we get our tax return next month. Hopefully I won’t end up with a secured line, but if I do it’s no big deal. I don’t mind the lack of branches. Their customer service has been pretty awesome and consistent so far (I called twice: once to confirm debit cards had been mailed, and another time to verify a transaction that I didn’t see go through in my history), mobile app is easy to use, and no fees (even for ATMs) is a definite perk.

    • SUNNY says:

      Just to let you guys know of two more banks that I’M SURE do not use ChexSystems as I have two accounts that have been in Chex since 08. The first one is a credit union in PA called PSECU. This credit union you kind of have to be a “resident” or go to school in order to qualify. You can always just choose a school on the list (start typing and see what comes up) and say you attend that school. They don’t verify ;-) The other bank is USAA. GREAT BANK! ANYONE can apply for the checking account and not military only. Many benefits are not available with the checking account if you are NOT military but they still have great features!! Love this bank so far!

      I know how hard I was searching for a fresh start with a new bank after being placed in ChexSystems so I do what I can to spread the word :-)

  10. debra says:

    anyone know a bank in NJ that dont use chexsystem want to open a
    savings account for my grandson

    • my opinion says:

      If you are on chex system then it is not good to co sign for your grandson. it would be a bad start for him. most of the banks would not mind opening a cd , money market or savings account being on chex system. before going to open just call the customer service or stop by the branch and clarify all doubts before giving them the SSN

      • Debra says:

        Thanks for your reply,

        I went to Valley National Bank and they advised me to go to BOA and find out
        what I can do to be removed so I called them and to my surprise I didnt owe them much and once paid I will be removed from the system. My grandsons parents unfortunately are not stable enough finacially to open and manage a savings for him and I dont want too much time to go by without someone getting him started on saving money. I have had an checking and savings account in good standing for the
        past 5 years, unfortunately the account I had with BOA was closed after I took sick and was out of work for a year and some automatic debits started coming in and the funds was not available. I never contacted them to find out if I was in the clear but I did apply for accounts with HBC bank and have had these accounts for the last 5 years so Im guessing either I got lucky or they do not use Chexsystems. But the good thing is In a week or two I will be paying off that account, it was the only thing blocking me from getting his accounts open. Again thanks for your sincere reply.

        • Walter says:

          I saw that you mentioned about HSBC accepting you even with your ChexSystem problems. I just applied for an account with HSBC and it was accepted. I was very shocked because I have extreme problems with Bank of America and TD Bank. I’m so relieved to finally have a real checking account and can now start doing away with the prepaid debit cards. Thank you so much for the info Debra.

          • debra f says:

            thats awesome, I love HSBC bank but not too many branches i have to travel some ways to get to the bank but its better than not having one at all so im not complaining, congrats on opening your account!

          • Debra says:


            Im so glad everything worked out for you and good luck with your account! I love the bank the fees are not outragious like some banks they are a very good bank.

  11. debra says:


    has anyone opened a TD bank account while on chexsystems?

  12. shan says:

    USAA bank does not give all the features to civilians. you can not deposit cheques by scanning. you have to be either a federal agent or belonging to military I would not mind giving a fee to banks like US bank opening checking account for people who are in chex system and giving all the features to every one.

    • SUNNY says:


      So, you sucessfully opened an account with USAA in Chex? How long ago if you don’t mind me asking? I opened an account online today what looks to be sucessfully but I’m afraid of them closing it later due to Chex.

      Also, I read that you can make check deposits at UPS stores have you tried that?

      • shaan says:

        No I have not opened a checking account with USAA. But I called their CSR and asked all doubts. Here you got to know few things for USAA. 1) Yes USAA opens checking account for the people who are in chex system. 2) If you are not a federal agent or not in military you can not use their deposit@mobile, deposit@home features. 3)they accept deposits at UPS stores. But that doesnt mean all UPS stores accepts it. only the participating UPS stores you can deposit. so you need to find out the nearest UPS store to you is participating with USAA bank or not. UPS store deposits are not accepting cash.

  13. I completed a successful application with Capital One Money Market, verified my credit check identity test etc. It made it though and was opened. Next, I applied for the checking portion, it passed but states “if approved”. I am waiting on this to take place, if successful, I will pass the information on.

  14. Definitely believe that that you said. Your favourite justification seemed to be at the web the simplest thing to understand of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed whilst folks think about concerns that they plainly don’t know about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest and also defined out the entire thing without having side effect , people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thank you

  15. Shanyn says:

    Hi. I am currently in Monterey, CA & have an existing acct with Central Coast Federal Credit Union which I opened 2 days befor Monterey Credit Union put me on Cheksystems. Union Bank added me on my husbands acct even tho I m on cheksystems. Then, like an idiot, I deposited I “Megabucks” sweepstakes winner che ck I received in the mail. They even had a sweepstakes entry date which coinsided with the date I was in Vegas dealing with my dad’s stroke. Im from Las Vegas, NV and there is a Mega Bucks game. I thought I won $3,600.00!!! Only after the check came back written on a closed acct I looked at the letter again and Mega Bucks was not written correctly. They wrote “Megabucks”. I got dooped. Even though I covered the $200 they released when I made that deposit they still closed my acct due to “fraud”. Does that mean I’m reported for fraud? And what Central Coast CA & NV banks are good to try & apply for? Also, my federal credit union used to be only military, since theyre a military bank but offer civilian accts does that help my eligibilty with other military banks?
    Thankyou so much

    • sd1904 says:

      @Shayn- the exact same thing happened to me and yes you will be reported for suspected fraud. It is now 5 yrs later and we are trying to get it removed. During that time my husband opened an account with wells fargo, kept it in good standing and they froze and closed our account. couldn’t get our money for weeks. It supposedly stays on your file for 5 years. i hope that is true and it comes off next month like it’s suppose to. also it doesn’t seem to matter whether the bank cashes the faulty check or not. they didn’t cash ours and yet we still got reported for fraud.

  16. Dustin says:

    USAA is Great and there products are awesome

    • SUNNY says:

      Hi Dustin,

      You also were able to obtain a USAA Checking account? Did you receive your card and checkbook yet? I’m just so nervous because this seems like a really good account and I applied and everything went through but I just dont want to get all excited for it to be closed in a couple weeks. Let me know!!


  17. Brown says:

    Does anyone know of a bank in the tristate New York area that will open an account. I have one blemish with Chase and they’re not forgiving, despite that it was paid off.

  18. Shay says:

    Regions, Usaa, Suntrust, Austin Telco, and check with some of the credit union in your area. They may open an account for you but may have restriction on the account. For example, personal checks may be on hold for longer periods or just a saving account. I have been on checksystem for a longer than two years but still was able to open these account listed above. Fidelity Investment has an account called the my smart cash account that works some what similar to a checking account. Serve has an account come with a check card but an american express logo. Chase open an account even when i am in chexsystem with them and still open. They just take the amount a certain amount I put in there until the account is paid in full. Which i really do mind. Navy federal if any one is military or prior. I have an account there.

    Please do not expect the same result because every person is different and the result may be different. I was successful with these account.

    Hope the information is useful and helpful to some. Would like a reply on how successful you were in open or denied on the bank of choice.

  19. HLW says:

    Arizona Federal Credit Union does not use ChexSystems

  20. forum says:

    I think that is among the most significant info for me. And i am happy reading your article. However should commentary on few normal things, The website style is great, the articles is truly great : D. Good activity, cheers

  21. ntriplett says:

    Thanks for all the good information on this site. Although, ChexSystems has me in their system for two different banks, today I was able to open an account with USAA.

  22. Molly says:

    Has anyone been approved by Prosperity Bank in FL? Do they really not use chexsystems?

  23. Lea says:

    PNC Bank will taking over the RBC Banks…..I was informed by 3/2012 PNC will be in South Carolina.

  24. Lea says:

    Still searching for a credit union in Charleston, SC area that offers second chance checking…..

  25. Cowboynfla says:

    Armed Forces Bank Has started using Cheksystems!

  26. Connie says:

    Anyone who is on Chexsystems should go to USAA immediately you would have to be a crook to not get approved by them. Even if you bounce checks with them as long as you pay off the balance they will reopen an account for you! They are the best out of this whole bunch been there done that I KNOW!

  27. Lea says:

    For South Carolina, Regions and Suntrust DOES use chexsystems!

  28. JH says:

    Regions uses Chexsystems. I just called and verified.

  29. Alyssa says:

    I opened a checking account online with Regions Bank. I’m getting ready to make my opening deposit. Has anyone had success with keeping a Regions Bank account if opened online? Will they run a report later and then close it?

    • laura says:

      We just opened our regions account online a couple weeks ago. No problems what so ever, and its still opened. They did not do chex system…. I saw someone above say they called and asked, and of course the bank is going to say they do… .BUT THEY DON’T

    • Raychel says:

      I opened an account in July and I have not had a problem. I have direct deposit going to my account.

      • Alyssa says:

        I opened my Regions account here in Missouri, and it has been open for about three weeks with no issues. I’m continuing to keep my fingers crossed!

        • Misty says:

          Regions runs a thing once a year around christmas time offering checking accounts without a credit check. Just a promotion to get people to use their bank. They wont go back and run your credit. I have had the account now for 2 years.

  30. Gena says:

    HSBC uses chexsystem. I applied online and was rejected. I’m trying Chase right now

  31. nell says:

    I open an account through suntrust and im in the system. I live in cincinnati,oh. I dont know if they going to close it but i was able to get a student checking, online saving and everyday checking. I did it all online.

  32. Sam says:

    I applied to US Bank online and was declined. I went into my local branch in Chicago, I spoke to the manager about my Chexsystem problem. And in about a half hour my checking account was opened, He and the accounts manager couldn’t have been nicer. I would suggest not getting the overdraft protection, because it looks like those fee’s could add up quick.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I just opened a checking account at Great Southern Bank in Springfield, MO yesterday. I’m going through bk and have a negative chexsystem record. It was simple to open, there less than ten minutes. Excellent bank, didn’t feel awkward being in there.

  34. mech says:

    I recently opened a bank account with Regions bank in Texas and after having it for three weeks had it closed by EWS. I attempted to get an account with Sun Trust in TN and the same thing happened.

  35. George says:

    Wondering if Public Service Credit Union in Denver, CO uses Chex System? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  36. Lea says:

    Also First Reliance Bank is in South Carolina…..

  37. Lea says:

    Try First Reliance and Wells Fargo…..Wells Fargo offers Opportunity Checking….

    • sd1904 says:

      wells fargo closed our account after 6 months, they knew when we opened it that we were in chexsystems and they opened it for us anyway. we kept it in good standing, always with a $1000+ in the account. one day while on vacation they froze it. they held on to our money for over 2 weeks before finally closing the account down. they said it was because we were on chexsystem. unbelievable…

  38. Lea says:

    Regions does use Chexsystems….

  39. Debra says:

    How do you find out whats on your chexsystem report is there a special place where you can request that information? I would like to know what is on mine.

  40. Lea says:

    Are there any credit unions in Charleston, SC that will offer second chance checking?

  41. I owe HSBC from when my paycheck bounced and office closed, been in CHEX ever since. Citibank told me to pay the bank and bring them a letter as proof it is paid-in-full to open an account with them.

    I believe it is 5 years and should have been removed, so I sent for a free copy of my CHEX {bank’s credit} report through a link on this site. I had to take a live-in position for extremely low pay just to keep a roof over my head when I could not find a new job and 10 months into it I suffered a stroke and lost EVERYthing I owned.

    If I had this knowledge years ago I could have had my CHEX negative report removed, since my employer was responsible.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your wise words. I will be sure to send out your website link to EVERYone on FaceBook and other sites. YOU ROCK!

  42. COCOA says:

    Thanks for this posting I have been able to get a checking acct again after three long years. Thanks, Thanks !!!!!

  43. banker says:

    usaa best bank in the world. chexsystems or not . and also chase lets u open up a 6month debit card account and after the six months you get a real checking acct if you were n chexsystems .. wells fargo does the same.

    • sd1904 says:

      i keep seeing this stuff about wells fargo and there second chance checking, they will close you down after opening it. regardless of whether or not you have kept it in good standing, they did it to us with no warning at all knowing that we were in chexsystems when we opened the account. i still can’t believe they can do that, knowing you are in the system and open an account for you anyways and then freeze it for weeks and then close it. wth??

  44. Kendy says:

    I am in Westchester, NY and I am having probs getting a bank account. Tried BOA, Chase, Wells Fargo, and BBT. All have declined me. Any suggestions of any non checksystems banks in NY?

    • shelby says:

      I am suprised that BBT declined you because I was in chex systems (still am) when I was approved for my checking and savings with them.

  45. nuke says:

    key west bank does check chexsystems. Got a letter after applying

  46. KJ says:

    Just wanted to say thanks to all of you for all your help! I tried several banks and got turned down repeatedly, I have a very recent (chexsytem entry) and then I tried USAA.COM at first I was about to leave the page, cause it looked like I had to be an Armed services member, or have a family member who is, and the home page DOES look like that is the case, but I noticed at the bottom of the page it says “other individuals” so I clicked there and away I went-I now have checks on the way, and an account #, and I would have never heard of this service otherwise-thanks again and good luck to you all!

  47. Derek says:

    I had tried opening checking accounts with several places almost a year ago and got turned down by everyone, even for second chance checking accounts. I just opened an Account with TCF today. I should note, I did just open a savings because some banks have fewer regulations on having a savings account, but at least now I have an account open somewhere and can go cash checks.

  48. nell says:

    Do any body know a bank I can open? I live in cincinnati oh in mount washington on the eastside of cincinnati. Also somewhere on bus line cuz I’m nt no driver.

  49. adam says:

    does SunTrust periodically look at your ChexSystems report even if your account has been open for a long time? cause my account has been opened for almost two years now and i have entries on my ChexSystems and EWS reports.

    also, SunTrust is converting all free checking accounts into everyday checking accounts this november thanks to the debit card fee regulations. so now i’m worried if it’s standard practice for them to look at a person’s ChexSystems report before converting an already existing account from one type to another.

    • shan says:

      BoA and Chase closed my account due to NSF in
      Debit Card usage. I did not see my chex system report assuming I would be in their system. Opened a second chance checking account in Woodforest bank. One day just visited to a Suntrust branch in charleston, sc on my way to shopping and to my surprise i was approved for their free checking account which is now everyday checking. its been two years and I have no issues with Suntrust. Because of my job sometimes I go west coast and suntrust doesnt exist in western states,so opened another bank account in USBank over the phone and was approved. Suntrust and USBank approved me and I am keeping both accounts.

  50. nell says:

    I did end up open up an account also with key bank with the account for people with chexsytems. So I had both checking accounts. You still get to do everything like bill pay and other and you can do it online also but when I tried to do one for a savings I couldn’t. It said because I was in chexsystems

  51. Chalon W says:

    compass bank is a good one in Texas

  52. Erika says:

    I opened an acct with Wells Fargo online, went in today and made deposits to both my checking and my savings accts. I also signed my signature card while i was there. I opened a minor savings acct for my son too, On the application I see where for me they put Check reporting: NO and for my minor son they have Check reporting: SYSTEM BYPASSED.. Does this mean I am no longer in chexsystems? or what?

    • Erika says:

      Well, GOOD NEWS!!! I was so nervous I just said heck with it and called Wells Fargo and asked them if they had checked me out and if that NO RECORD meant I was in the clear.. The man said yes!! YAY!!

    • Erika says:

      Well The acct is just fine at wells Fargo. I called them and they said I am in the clear. Yay!

    • Juan says:

      More likely then not you are still on chexsystems. In the bank I work for with manager approval I can still open a bank account even if you are on chex systems. In reality we shouldn’t but like any business we have quotas which must get filled even at a risk.

  53. Frankie Johnson says:

    I live in the chicago land area, and I’m looking for some local banks that do not use chex systems.

  54. christian fuller says:

    suntrust and regions use chexsystem

    • Anna says:

      Regions does not use Chexsystems or Telecheck. I opened an account in the spring and I said well i dont think I can get a bank acct….they said do you owe us? I said no, they said account opened.


      • Michele says:

        I just got turned down by Regions because of chexsystems. But they opened the account online and then closed it a few days later, so don’t be fooled just because they open the account

      • Yaya says:

        Regions checks both Chex and EWS. I opened an account online, went the next day and made a cash deposit at the branch – no problems. Two days later the account was frozen/closed due to Chex & EWS and I had all types of problems getting my money back from them. Wells Fargo declined me because of EWS. I just opened an acct with TD Bank… It’s been a week and still good. I’ll keep you guys posted if it stays active.

  55. Ken says:

    Does anyone know of a bank or online bank in Mass or New Hampshire that doesn’t use chex systems? Or even a bank outside of Mass thats offers online accounts? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you

  56. nell says:

    I open a coverage checking online through key bank and they got another account just for people on chexsystems but I didn’t do that one but do it online.

    • Nikki says:

      I hate to break the bad news to you Nell but if you are in chexsystem then they will probably close your account soon. I too open an account with Keybank earlier this summer online and in a matter of weeks a lady from the bank had called me to say that since I was in chexsystem that they would have to close out my account but that I could possibly be eligible for their second chance checking which you have to pay monthly fees on that account so I told them never mind. I had already bought checks and my check card and was using both of them with no problems. I made sure not to have any overdrafts and kept my account in good standing but none of that matter to them. I asked her how is it that they can approve you immediately online but deny you later? She said something to the effect that it takes a week or so for them to receive notification of me being in chexsystem? You would think in this day of age that they would be able to look at it immediately but oh well.

      • nell says:

        I don’t know about that. I have a checking account with them that accepts pple that’s on the system but I messed up on my first account so both of them got closed and if I didn’t I woulda still had them til this day.

        • Loli says:

          Is Key Bank the same as Centennial? When you click on the site it goes to Centennial. I got denied there also. What about if I open a savings at Regions? No checking just savings? Will they approve it, I wonder.

  57. soofrustrated says:

    Regions does use chex systems…I just called them! I was told that if you apply to too many banks then chex systems will flag you as having suspicious activity! So I am checking before I use another person’s outdated list…

    Is there any bank that doesn’t use it?
    What I find to be crazy is that PNC which use to be National City let me open and account with them so I didn’t know they previously had me in chex systems. Well I had my card stolen…. called them asap they found me to be telling the truth and yet they still closed my account! Then after that I found they didnt have me in chex syst for the current closing they have me in there from 2008 So I am constantly calling the bank to get that fixed and they keep giving me the run around.

    • soofrustrated says:

      Seriously guys I would appreciate it if you would please come back and give updates on your accounts that you’ve said you have open.

      • soofrustrated says:

        Welcome to an online chat session at Bank of America. Please hold while we connect you to the next available Bank of America Account Specialist. Your chat may be monitored and recorded for quality purposes. Thank you for your patience.
        You are now chatting with Edward. Welcome to Bank of America. How can I help you complete your online checking or savings application today?
        Edward: Thank you for utilizing Bank of America’s online sales chat, my name is Edward. I will be assisting you with selecting the right account for your banking needs.
        Edward: Which state will you be opening the account in?
        You: Indiana
        You: question do you use chex systems?
        Edward: Yes we do
        You: also do you let ppl with 1 thing in chex systems open accounts?
        Edward: If you are on ChexSystems you are still able to apply, some applicants who were in similar situations were still able to get their accounts opened.
        You: ok so what would disqualify me?
        You: also I don’t want checks with my account
        You: will the application process ask me that and is there a deposit amount for when you
        You: open the acct
        Edward: Its possible being on ChexSystems can disqualify you
        Edward: You would order checks at a later date
        Edward: The minimum opening deposit is $25, do you have an existing checking/savings account or debit card you want to use for the opening deposit?
        You: yes
        You: but my question is will I know if I am approved before I put money into an account?
        Edward: After you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email in 3 – 48 hours confirming the status of your application.
        Edward: We would not move any money unless you are approved
        You: ok awesome. I hope I get an acct today because I like your little savings plan promo where you guys round up and put the difference into a savings acct
        You: does the money that is put in there from the promo count towards the $25 auto deposit for reg savings?
        Edward: No it does not
        You: also is it 25 to open checking AND 25 to open savings? I am wanting a student acct
        Last text message receivedEdward: Yes that is correct
        You: So if I only opened a checking acct for right now it would be $25
        You: ok thnx

  58. Jackie says:

    I came home to a letter telling me my USBank account is closed as of 8/18 because of suspisious Activity. I stupidly deposited a US Postal Money order from a supposed Secret Shopping thing and that turned out to be a fraud and then when depositing a 25 dollar check I miskeyed and entered 225.00 so they now think I’m doing stuff that I’m not. I’m scared to death b/c they have turned this over to the fraud dept and I’m not sure what to do. My account is overdrawn and I have NO WAY to make up the money until next payday (8/26). I’ve been hit with fee after fee after fee that has eaten away all my money. My paychecks are direct deposited, but now I don’t know if I should stop that or what I should do….I’m a single mom to 3 kids and I’m scarred to death of not having any funds for at least a month b/c if my paycheck goes in to them, they will keep it to pay off the overdraft and then they will take 2 weeks to release any remaining funds. Plus I have LOTS of auto drafts that happen and I’m not even sure how to fix those and without a bank account how the heck to pay things? I’ll have had 3 account closed in the past 6 years. My joint acct with the X was closed @ TCF, the WellsFargo closed b/c they check the CHEXsystem and I had overdrafts. Now USBank is closing my account. I called to talk to the Branch Manager, but he’s off today. I don’t know what to do but I have to do something NOW – HELP.

    • Erin says:

      I feel for you. I had a wireless fraud hit my US Bank account and they closed it and reported something to Check Systems so I am having problems getting a checking account. They are trying to see if I can open another one but it takes time and it is hard to pay bills without one.

      • Debbie says:

        I’ve had fraud on my US bank account too. When my direct deposit went in on Friday they got me for almost $200. I also had another $200 in bills that were paid.
        At 7am my account was -$14. At 8:30 I was in the bank reporting the fraud.
        She closed the account to prevent more things trying to come through and told me to come back Monday morning and she will open me a new account and refund my stolen money.
        Now I wonder when she opens the new account if it will have to go through chexsystem and all that.

  59. nell says:

    Armed forces bank do check for chexsystems. They denied me today. I applied on friday or saturday and got a email today sayin i was denied due to chexsystems.

  60. nell says:

    I live in cincinnati oh. I have more then five things on chexsystems. Its hard to get an account. Where can i open one at or a credit union? Can i open any out of state online where i can mail a deposit in?

    • cierra says:

      If you don’t mind the drive go to walmart in hamilton they have a bank called woodforest inside they have a second chance account all they do is verify that your in chexsystems and then they open your account right up the same day…hope this helps

    • dharr says:

      try tcf bank, apply online. also I got approved online with chase bank with cheksystem stuff. peoples bank in texas will approve everyone thru their http://www.peoplescashsolutions
      I’ve had a fee free acct with them with m/c debit card and free checks for a couple years now…overdraft fee is only $25 too.

  61. Julia says:

    Does anyone know what banks in New Jersey do not use chexsystems?

    • debra says:

      Hsbc bank, I applied online and they did not check my credit or use checksystems and I had my account for two years now and after having an account with peoples bank in texas I closed it when I recieved my approval from Hsbc bank but I m being very careful not to mess that up because it was hard finding a bank to approve me with my credit history and chexsytems. So try Hsbc bank now they are merging soon and who knows what the new bank will be doing. they only have a few of them throughout New Jersey but I got lucky I live in Newark but work in West Caldwell and there is on right down the street from my Job. I cash my check at the back that my job uses and 2 doors down there is my bank, so convenient for me. Good Luck !

  62. Anna says:

    Another couple of bank who don’t use Chexsystems is Merrill Edge which is a BofA company. They have a CMA account. They only do a soft pull of the credit to verify your identity. BofA really doesn’t use chex with the online account and Merrill Edge is online (merrill lynch). They will do a credit check it you order their Signature Visa Rewards card which is a debit card but acts like a credit card with an annual fee but if you get a regular debit card, no credit check. Bad thing is, since this is an investment account, it’s not FDIC insured. Another non chex bank is Capital One online. My hubs and I have Cap One credit cards and their interest rates are higher than our Navy Fed account so we opened a checking and savings online…they are online only accounts and you cannot go into a branch to get services on these accounts. Another bad thing with these accounts is the checking is required a minimum opening balance of $500 and savings of $1 but you don’t need a to keep a minimum balance in either.

    • beth. says:

      Capital One now uses EWS !!beware.

      Bank of America ,Chase, Wells Fargo, Compass BB@T, Regions, and now Capital One all use just EWS. So if you are clean on Chex you will get approved but then the back office runs EWS report 2 weeks later CLOSED…. It sucks. EWS stays on for a long long time. there has to be Fed reg. on them they seem to have all the power but they have to have some rules.

  63. Jessica says:

    The trick is when opening an account online make sure if they offer you checks you say NO. Sometimes your account is approved and closed later because the company that issues the checks (Deluxe, etc) are affiliated with Chexsystems and they give your bank a big red flag.

    Order your checks from other companys that arent affliated with Deluxe like Bradford Exchange, and Checks in the Mail.

  64. Tammi says:

    does anyone know anything about Ally Bank?

    • Jessica says:

      Ally doesnt used Chexsystems, however they do run your credit report and if your credit is below 600 you can forget about applying, you will be denied.

    • Debra says:

      I tried Ally and they do check your credit and chexsystems, i was turned down

  65. Sean says:

    Shay, I will try a credit union if boa doesnt approve me. Im in Ga in most walmarts out here have suntrust inside so that was a good thing, walmart’s suntrust doesnt close until 7pm. The suntrust account is the account that is in bad standing. So I hope boa on another chexsystem bank will accept me. will keep you posted. thanks for the advice.

    • Amit says:

      I was in the same position. I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy and 2 of the banks which had negative balances were discharged. however chexsystems kept showing those 2 banks and I could not open an account. I then went to Wachovia Bank and opened “student checking”. To my amazement there was no problem at all. However, when the account was being opened, I kept distracting the person opening the account. Everytime he was about to run his fingers on keyboard, I distracted with stuff like, “oh i forgot to ask, what are the benefits of your check card” and bla bla bla. And then I got him engaged in conversation after conversation. Luckily he forgot to do chexsystem verification check. Then realizing a lot of time is being taken on me, he rushed through the process when his supervisor came to check. I managed to dodge chexsystem. He did ask me, “did you have any other bank”. I said this is first time and that I take lot of credits in college so no time. He took my word for it.

      • Shay says:

        Just becareful If they didn’t run a check this time. They can still run the check at a later time. So just be cautious.

  66. Jamon says:

    I have several entries in Chexsystems, the newest one nearly 2 years old. I’ve had SunTrust and Capital One for over a year, and applied online at Fifth Third and for the Virtual Wallet account at PNC, and was approved for both. I’ve had the accounts open and active for almost 2 months and all is well.

  67. Sean says:

    I had a Suntrust account that was closed. i know they have reported me but my question is since they dont use chexsystem, am i good to apply at a different bank. And should I even watse time applying at regions or 1 of the other banks on this list being that since they dont use chex, they probably all use the same other method.

    • Lauryn says:

      Do Bank of America’s application for an account ONLINE! I have two things on Chexsystems and I still managed to get an account doing the online app. It has been open for over a year!

      • Sean says:

        alotta people on this site says boa is the worst plus my credit is the worst! im usually a cash man but i need an account to link with my paypal to withdrawl cash from it. will try boa and cross my fingers!!!

        • Shay says:

          actually paypal has a prepaid card which you can deposit and make withdrawals from without having a bank account linked to it. I have and love. just on to paypal and sign into your account and request a prepaid card.

          • Sean says:

            Shay i dont know how long you’ve had your card but now in order to get the card, your account must be verified and in order to verify, you must link a bank account. Paypal has just recently made changes in the past couple months that has users a bit upset! I guess I’ll try boa.

            • Shay says:

              Well I been with Paypal since 2007 and just recently recieved the card in the last 4 month. I havent notice of the changes. But thanks for that information, I will call to see or to check on the changes they made. Thanks again.

            • Shay says:

              All of this information is based on my experience alone. I can not speak for others. I do have 4 or 5 account on chexsystem and in a still oweing situation. Ok, you are right. So have you tried to open an account with a credit union? Some credit union will open a saving account but not a checking account or some will let you open both. So If BOA is not successful check out the credit union in your area and you might be lucky. Also, A saving account will work as a verification for Paypal. As long as it is a routing number and account number. Suntrust is a fairly good bank, I have that one and we don’t have have a suntrust in texas. But was able to get checking and a saving. If you go that route, you have to make the deposit within 30 days or they will close the account.

        • Lauryn says:

          I have next to no credit! I have a checking and savings account with BOA. I have had no problems with them! They offer atm deposit, if a cash deposit is made in teh atm before 8pm on business days (saturdays included) then it is available that day! So, instead of waiting for my check to clear at the counter, I ask them to cash it! Then I deposit the cash in the atm. They offer a debit card with your picture on it, so no one can really steal your card and use it. The offer an online shopping debit card where you bush a button on it and the CVV code will change for every purchase to protect your bank account and debit card. They have text banking! You can have you bank account information sent to your cell phone, you have to register your phone for security purposes, but it is free. i love them!

          • Kim says:

            I have BoA and I have nothing but good things to say about them, but today 9/12/2011 on World News there was a segment regarding BoA and them laying off several thousand employees and closing numerous small institutions, well ours is a small one and I have several notices on chexsystems that hampers me from opening a different bank account. Another issue I have is I have direct Deposit with BofA and they will not grant mw with a credit card and I feel that they can get their payment every month through my direct deposit which I have to have because of my disability

  68. Dawn says:

    Has anyone banked with or heard of “Higher One Bank”? I’ve tried EVERY single bank I can think of and finally just gave up. I have numerous chex entries and have posted a few posts on her previously. I enrolled to go back to college and they use this bank and automatically sign all students up. It’s used by quite a few college’s nationwide. I haven’t had any problems as of yet. Got my debit card in the mail – that’s actually how I knew I had an account. I ordered checks and they’re on the way. They have about 5 different ways to fund your account and the account is free. Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with them? I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure you have to be a student to have an account but again, I’m not sure. Any info, as always, is appreciated!

    • Rachel says:

      I’ve had an account with Higher One for two years. They are great. They don’t use chexsystems.. When avaiable opt for using credit rather than debit though because they do charge a $ .50 per transaction fee when you use debit.

      • Sandra says:

        Wher is higher one and do you have to be a student to get an account and do they give you checks?

        • Dawn says:

          I think it’s based out of CT and yes, they do give checks and a debit card but I believe you do HAVE to be a student to get an account there.

          • Sandra says:

            Does your school have to participate

            • Dawn says:

              I do believe your school has to participate. I know that a lot of the community colleges do use them though. At least all of the ones here in the Houston area do.

    • Jeannie says:

      I attended Baker College in Michigan and they did the same to us (auto enrolled us) to direct deposit our refund checks. Never had any problems with them only used it for student loans because there was no branch (that i know of) to go to. other than that it was a new bank to me too. never heard of it.

    • Lina says:

      BBNT has approved several people with an account as of six months ago being no chexsystems. also Regions

  69. Jason says:

    I have several items in Chexsystems, yet this hasn’t hindered my banking much. I live in Chicago, and I opened SunTrust checking and savings accounts online. The savings was closed within a week, but I’ve had the checking account for a year now, and have even been overdrawn a few times. I don’t have direct deposit, but it is my most-used account, and I have the optional SkyMiles debit card, so maybe that helps. They charge no monthly fees, and don’t charge fees on overdrafts under $5. I also have 2 Capital One money market accounts. These 3 accounts, and an ING savings account, are linked to both my PayPal account (with MasterCard debit) and a Serve account, that comes with a card that’s accepted wherever American Express is. I also have an ARCO Discover debit card linked to one of my money market accounts, so I can have quick access to funds. For people with horrible credit that have been denied everything, I urge you to look into PayPal and Serve. The ONLY requirements for Serve is a social security number and a linked credit card or checking or savings account, and BAM, you get a card that works just like an AmEx (US only). PayPal is a bit stricter, but those two options, and a Capital One money market account, are your best bets. And they are all free.

  70. dan says:

    I just opened an account with us bank inside a grocery store. Everything went smoothly. The person who had helped me said he needed my address to run through chexsystems. I gave him my previous address and I guess that worked for some reason. I’ve read online that they do chexsystem sweeps, so I hope they don’t close my account in the future.

    • Debbie says:

      But I wonder if they’d close a account that has been open several months and has a direct deposit coming in each week?

      • Sandra says:

        @debbie not with good account history, keep your direct deposit going thats a plus.

      • sd1904 says:

        they might, we had an account for over 6 months, always in good standing and with direct deposit and they still closed it. it was a different bank, but still, it can happen. sometimes banks do sweeps

    • Sheila says:

      I had a bank with Bank of the West for a month or so. They ran another report & sterling had reported me the other day & closed my account & Bank of the West got the report & closed my account even though i had direct deposits & nothing was wrong with my account.

  71. Debbie says:

    UD Bank update-My account is still open. Has been open for about 3months. Maybe I am safe now and not in danger of them closing it.

  72. Sandra says:

    ok guys, if you have a palmetto bank which is generally in upstate SC, not sure what they used but I sort of know the branch manager and explained my situation, who gave me a checking and savings, and i have been using the account for two weeks I received the checks hadnt received the card yet or access to online banking, but i just went to the branch today and made a withdrawl. I called him about my online banking problem and he is going to try to sort it out. Say a little prayer. I’m at work and my husband told me I had some mail hope it was my card. ANd I got a statement from them the other day.It said “ending balance” not “closing balance” so hopefully it stil works. Do any of you know how Palmetto operates,just reply to this message.

    • Sandra says:

      Woodforest is definitely a go, even if you defaulted on them which I did, when I pay the account off, which I am doing they will open me a new account.

    • Sandra says:

      My account at palmetto is a go, the reason I haven’t received my card is because he forgot to order it, but my direct deposit went in today and… life is good!

  73. Lee says:


    Ok Guys…… go to I opened an account in 10 minutes and was approved!

    • Deb says:

      I tried to open an account today with USAA but was denied because of the report on Early Warning System who I intended to contact today. I was surprised because I have been a member of USAA for 16 years.

    • hanna says:

      you have to be affiliated with the military, every one ca not open an account.

  74. Angel says:

    Does anyone know anything about Renasant Bank?

  75. PeaceLoveHappiness says:

    Regions Bank is the greatest!! My husband and I just got an account there. Woodforest is great, and CapitolOne Online Money Market. Trust me if they gave me an account, you can all surely get one!

    • Shay says:

      Regions, woodforest, and capitalone money markets are all good. I have all three. But also check into some credit unions also. In your search engine, put FRESH START BANK ACCOUNT or FRESH START CHECKING ACCOUNT and it list all the credit union and bank that has fresh start checking account. But also, if you don’t want the fees. Please read closely and check the fees. Their are some with out the fees. I also have suntrust and we don’t have a suntrust here in texas but they do have online banking, direct deposit, checks, debit cards and etc. I hardly use the ATM because I do use bill pay to pay my bills and my debit cards for everyday transaction. I may use the ATM once a month so the little fee it charge doesn’t bother me. Well hope this help. PLUS, I HAVE 5 ON CHEXSYSTEM.

      • bobby says:

        hi shay i think iam in the process of getting reported to checksystem the bank is gonna close my account soon but i paid them in full already so when it does close my balance should be @0 what do you know about these situation please reply if you know or anyone thanks guys

      • Emily says:

        Hi Shay,

        I just wanted to ask if you have a list of credit unions that will allow me to open a fresh start account. Please provide me with this info.


      • Mrs. Ruiz says:

        do you have checks from regions? if i order them from regions will they cose my account?

  76. Jim says:

    Val…Per your post below the trick w/ US bank is to go to a grocery store branch & open it there…I got both ckg & svgs & debit card + free cks 4 life here in San Diego…piece of cake….got idea from a blogger on a site jsut like this pleasure to pass it on 2 U…U can smile now..

    here’s you post that i pasted…
    I’d like to get a US Bank account but am ashamed to be refused in the branch.
    Do you know if I can open it online?

  77. Rita says:

    Below is the website for the OCC (National Oversite of Bank) If it’s a National Bank you’re dealing with, you can file a complain and the bank will be contacted and will have to respond within a certain amount of days.

  78. val says:

    Aw heck, check out navy Federal Credit Union and see if you qualify, I think its easy. If not just lie and say youre retired military or something.


    And they offer the same services as any bank or other CU. And you can even use certain COOP ATMS across country to make deposits. Come to think of it you can use COOP ATMs at most credit unions that take deposits.

    Withdrawals from these machiones are free!

    Best deal around!

  79. Found this info online and have seen this happen to many. Althogh, If your looking for checking account, I would walk in to a “US Bank” and ask to speak to the branch manager or account manager. Explain your situation and in some cases they will open an account and watch you for 6 months to a year I believe to see how your doing.

    Do Banks Open Accounts & Close Them Later?

    “It seems more common among some banks than others. Some banks have online applications that will approve immediately. Then the bank will wait until the signature card is sent in to actually look at the Chexsystems report. At that point, they will send back the initial deposit and close the account.

    “Then there are other banks that do “sweeps” on accounts. This is where a bank, generally the loss prevention department will do a random check on accounts with chexsystems. If they find that the customer has a chexsystems record, they then will determine that they person may be a risk and they will freeze account, and later close it.

    • Debbie says:

      They sure aren’t having any problems accepting deposits from me. I just made my 3rd deposit this morning.

  80. Maria says:

    I live in Florida can I open an account in another state online. I am having a hard time finding these non-chexsystems bank. Can you recommend one in Florida?

    Thank you

    • Shay says:

      I live in Texas and opened an account with Suntrust. They do have them in Florida. I have to mail or electronic transfer fund my account. because I have my direct deposit going in to another bank.

      • Maria says:

        I just applied online with suntrust and US Bank and both have denied me accounts. what goos is that list for if all of the banks listed are no good. Some of these people on these blog claimed they got account I just don’t knpw how.

        • Debbie says:

          Many say they got a account with Regions. I tryed them and was denyed.
          US Bank was a surprise. I was not expecting to be approved.
          Oddly enough, I got the checking but was denyed a savings when I tryed to open it a couple of days later.
          I have received my debit card and checks from USBank but have not gotten my PIN number to be able to use the debit card or use on line banking.
          I deposited my paycheck this morning at the local branch without any issues.

          • Debbie says:

            I got my PIN and have my card activated and on line banking setup. Found out they have over half my paycheck funds on hold. This is a check from a company not a individual.
            After making the deposit Friday I put my truck payment inthe mail. I’m really worried about it. Will funds be released in time or will they go ahead and pay the check?
            This is going to be very inconvient if they hold my check for however long each week. Thinking it’s usually 5-10 days.

            • Sandra says:

              Did they give you a reason why they placed the hold?

            • val says:

              Whenever a bank opens an account, they have the legal right to hold funds on ANY cheque deposited for the first 30 days after the account is opened. If the cheque being deposited is drawn on the same bank, they normally will not hold the funds in your account because they are able to verify the funds immediately.After that it is discretionary. They usually will not hold a cheque issued by a state or federal government agency.

              It does not matter that a business issued the cheque! Look at it from the banks pointe of view. They have no deposit history on the account, and they have no way to verify/hold funds on the cheque being deposited.

              I’m not promoting the practice. I think it’s f*cked up. I’ve gone through it myself.


              • Debbie says:

                It’s a dishonest practice since most checks now clear within 24-48 hours.
                They hold the funds because they are drawing interest off the money.
                I can not believe I am going to be forced to pay Wal Mart to cash my check and then deposit only cash into this account just so I can pay my bills. But that’s just what I’m planning on doing. Hopeing there is no hold on cash.
                My truck payment is listed on line as being returned. Now how is this right? the money is there for it. I have not spend any money out of the account other than my payment.
                This account has caused me nothing but trouble so far. I wish I’d never opened it. I do not recommend US Bank!!!!!

                • val says:

                  I absolutely agree. Since the inception of CHECK21 electronic processing, there is the possibility that the damn cheque could be cleared before one leaves the bank! Remote, but a real possibility.

                  yes, they do this because they have more revenue to lend this way, and get more interest, yes!

                  It bites, but we can blame that on the corrupt law makers and the federal reserve.

                  Impossible for one person to fight the banks. They have the money. Our money!

                  Here in the land of the free, its the law. Unfortunate.

                  • Debbie says:

                    I have just learned that new banking regulations forbid holding funds from deposit. Exception in cases that a business or person the check is drawn on has a history of non-paid checks.
                    The company I work for does not have this history and this branch knows it. Small town, the teller even talked to me about them and me getting direct deposit set up.
                    There is no reason this check should not have been paid. they have now not only not paid my payment but charged me $33 and another $10 for overdraft.
                    At this point it’d be a blessing if they did close the account. And you can bet everyone I talk to will know what crooks they are.

                  • LilTigg says:

                    Hey folks, and Val just to correct you on something, the banks DO NOT loan out money on the deposits made into it by customers, that is a misconception!

                    What these crooks do is called fractional banking. Just like the so called “federal” Reserve, it is a group of old men who started a private bank in each country, in our instance they call it federal to mislead everyone. What they do is print money out of thin air. See, it’s all magic. When you pool the curtain aside, you then see the lil ol men playing wizard on all of us.

                    Look up the history of the federal reserve notes folks. All is not well in Dixie, or the US for that matter. Nor is District of Columbia truly what you think. It is part of a little known three crown crooked head, called the Hidden Empire and these area’s are not part of the surrounding, they are their own little hidden empire kingdoms to pool the wool over everyone’s eyes while they rip us all off. Does anyone truly believe the banks needed a bailout? Come on! Really? These folks who run our country and many others just ripped us all off again and threatened our congressmen and us with martial law if they didn’t get this banker’s rip off. Don’t believe me, look it up for yourselves! Wise up folks…look up the history of the federal reserve note and this private bank they call the federal reserve, whom we are not allowed to audit… then see the mess before our eyes, as they break each country and their economies…do not heal toe to these folks, pull the curtain aside and educate others so they can be seen for what they truly are…vultures!

                • Shaun says:

                  US Bank is not that bad. But I guess everyone has a bad experience at some point.

              • peterson says:

                The problem most people don’t understand is that if the check like your paycheck is returned unpaid by your employers bank and your bank had allowed you to withdraw or spend all of it before it cleared. WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO GO INTO YOUR BANK AT THE SPUR OF THE MOMENT AND REPLACE THAT MONEY. I suspect you would not be able to. Like most in your situation you would want to make payments or skip out and that would be another chex system entry. Understand that if the banks immediately credit deposited checks, it wouldnt take many of those transactions to run all the banks broke !!
                Where would you open account after account when that happens???????

          • val says:

            I’d like to get a US Bank account but am ashamed to be refused in the branch.

            Do you know if I can open it online?


        • Debbie says:

          Maybe it depends on how old the chex listing is. Mine would be 5-6 years old. But I was denyed by Regions.
          And, many banks run credit checks and I have bad credit due to a ex-husband.

        • val says:

          SunTrust may not use Chexsystems but they DO use Telecheck, so if you have a record there, they will refuse you


        • Its better if you walk into a bank and explain the situation to a bank manager. That’s what I had done and it worked out for me. I had temp checks that day and an ATM card a week later.

      • Maria says:

        I tried to open an account with suntrust and i was denied also. What am i going to doexcept deal with the darn Chexsystem.

        • Shay says:

          I don’t know because I tried with US Bank online and got denied. So I think some can open at one place and where others can’t. Its really is confusing. but If you really need an account, try Chase or BBVACompass. I have account with them also. Still on chexsystem.

          • mike says:

            I tried USAA and they are using EWS .. I was denied big time……

            • Sunny says:


              I just applied online for an account at USAA and i’m in ChexSystem and apparently EWS as well because I got a denial letter last week from another bank stating I was denied due to a report from EWS.

              So my question is…did USAA let you sucessfully open an account than later closed it? Or were you just not able to open it up online at all? So far, everything seems good because I have an account number and an emal stating my debit card would be arriving in 7-10 days.

              ps. a branch manager at Suntrust is a VERY good friend of mine and they use Chexsystems and I was denied-friend and all!

    • Debbie says:

      I opened one online with US Bank. I feel certain I could not have done so in person as inside the bank they have chex signs up.
      I had to mail my opening deposit but was able to deposit my paycheck at local branch this morning.

  81. mandi says:

    I am in chexsystem because of two banks washington mutaual and wachavia which was a while back. I had sucess in opening an account with Chase but today, found that they removed over 400.00 from my account stating they had an old accout for me from 200 with washington mutual which i owed a balance on. They were very ruid about it, and rep said to me” well you should have taken care of this a long time ago”. So i opened a account with Regions online, which has seemed to be successful. I made my deposit online and received a welcome letter. So definitely try Regions. Good Luck!!

    • val says:

      When you opened the account with WAMU you signed a signature card, on which was an agreement giving the bank ‘Right To Setoff’ which means that if you owe them money, you give them the legal right to snag what you owe them from any other account that you hold with the bank.

      When Chase bought WAMU they also bought your agreement.

      Hence, you screwed yourself.

  82. Debbie says:

    Regions turned me down applying on line.
    US Bank opened me a checking account. I have a account number and instructions on mailing in my opening deposit. I had to print off a signature card to mail in with deposit.
    Web site said I’d get checks and debit card in 7-10 days.
    If the checking account stays open I will open a savings account too.

    • Debbie says:

      Up date on my US Bank on line application.
      I got a call today from a lady saying she was mailing me a welcome package in the mail with a signature card. I told her I’d printed one off the website and mailed it along with my deposit. She said that was fine and she’d be looking for it.
      I was checking my email and found a email from her saying my application had been approved. Once you get a letter of approval and they accept your deposit they won’t turn around and close the account will they?
      Do these accounts on line. Inside US Banks they have chexsystem signs up.

      • Shaun says:

        I see this all the time. People sign up for checking accounts when they are on chex systems, they get all excited and put their stuff in order and deposit cash – all to find out next week or month that their account has been closed due to their chexsystems report.

        • Debbie says:

          So are saying they will close the account even with money in it and after they have sent out checks and check card?
          What happens to the money that is in the account?
          If they wait as long as a month I will have my direct deposit set up and actively using the account. I may have checks out that haven’t been paid yet. Will they pay those with the money in the account that they closed?
          This sure costs banks alot of money to open all these accounts, mail out checks and debit cards only to turn around and close accounts.

          • val says:

            many banks don’t use Chexsystems when opening accounts online. After the account is open it is reviewed by thier ‘Back Office’ at which time a report is run.

            Many accounts are closed at this time.

            Yes, even if there’s money it it, cheques, card issued. They don’t care. They’ll eventually mail you a cheque for the closing balance.

            it sux

            • nikki says:

              that i true regions approved me i got the debit card and all then sent me a denial force closure letter! money will be mailed later .. i applied for suntrust so i will see what happens there they so far approved me

      • Debbie says:

        Another Update:
        Got a email today telling me my signature card and deposit have been received and that my account is fully able to be used. My checks and debit card should arrive in around 5 days.

        I had decided I should have bundled a savings account with the checking and she told me I could still do that. I went on the website to open my savings and was denyed a savings account.
        Not sure if I should contact the lady and tell her that or not. Might cause them to look closer at the checking account.

        • Debbie says:

          Another US Bank update-I have recieved both check card and checks. I am still waiting on my PIN number to come. I would have sworn I picked out a PIN when I signed up for the account but it will not work.
          Odd but checks came with only my address on them, no phone number. Not sure I’ve ever seen them without phone number. Is this something new?

          • Debbie says:

            US Bank Update: My account is still open. I’ve used my debit card several times and written 1 check.
            I’ve been cashing my checks at WalMart and depositing cash since they hold checks but this past week due to working hours and obligations I was unable to be in town when bank was open. I bought a money order and put it in the night deposit. Now there is a hold on my damn money order. lol
            This bank is a pain to use but at least I have a place for my direct deposit to go when it’s set up. wonder if they will put holds on it too.

          • Kim says:

            they do not put drivers license #’s, social security or phone numbers they say it is for security measures

      • beth. says:

        Your fine they do run a chex’s report at the time of opening a account. if you are over 2.5/3 years old then they don’t see it. Accounts get closed because of EWS not so much Chex. Chex’s get runs at the time of opening. EWS after the fact. US BANK DOES NOT CLOSE ACCOUNTS LATER IF YOU ARE IN GOOD STANDING.

    • Shay says:

      I was surprise to open an money market saving account with capital one with an account number and my routing number and instruction to send them my deposit. so i decided to open a checking account and they gave me a application number to refer to. I suppose my money market is open but the checking is in review.

  83. Rita says:

    If you’re listed with chexsystem try to negotiate with them to take you off the list. It takes communication and validation. If you have been placed on their list unjust by a bank or if you’re the victim of identidy theft, (I was) chexsystem will remove you from their list if you can validate that you’ve been listed unfairly or due to identify theft. Nearly all banks and credit unions now use chexsystem. If you owe money to a bank, try to make good, if you’re listed for possible fraud try to despute the claim. The banks always put fraud down if they don’t have anything else. Fraud can be disputed with the correct veryfication. Good luck.

  84. Sarah says:

    USAA does not use chex!!!! They have free withdraws at every ATM, and free checks! You do not have to be in the military. It is now open to the public.

    • Debbie says:

      Do all these out of state banks not wonder why people are wanting to open accounts with them?
      I’ve just got to find a bank before my job goes to all direct deposit.

    • Debbie says:

      Ok I got a member # but have not filled out application for account yet.
      What is the required amount to open the account?
      Have you got your checks and debit card yet?
      I think I will give them a try this week when I get paid.

      • Sarah says:

        I received my checks and debit card for usaa. :) $25 to open a account with them.

        • Debbie says:

          How long did it take to get them?

          I just mailed off my deposit and signature card to US Bank. But I went into the local branch and they have a sign up saying they use chexsytem.
          I was going to turn it in at the branch but was told to mail it.
          If this doesn’t work I will have to try USAA. I have to have direct deposit for my employer soon.

  85. Sandra says:

    Has anyone tried the checking accounts that your insurance company offers such as State Farm or Nationwide, prefferably state farm. they have a promotion and my agent wants to sign me up, I told her my situation she said that they don’t do chexsystems not even credit checks, but I call the 1800 number the rep said that they do chexsystems thats maybe if you open over the phone or something without your agent but i dont know?

    • Sarah says:

      Nationwide and state farm opened me an account and closed it within a week.

      • Sandra says:

        Were you already A current customer of state farm my agent said that because I was a current customer it made opening my account easy by the wAy the vp sent me a welcome letyer do u think I’m in the clear?

  86. bre says:

    I opened an account with TD Bank, it wonderful just like the big boy banks atm card checking saving over draft protection … and I am on Chex-system.

  87. FrustratedwithBoA says:

    Well BoA closed my account due to “account fraud” caused by a bankrupt employer & payroll bouncing – this has had an effect as my other banks have closed my accounts. HSBC finally caught up & ran my account and closed it in August, so I’ve been working with an attorney (and spending $$) to fix it… I finally was able to open a Nationwide account, but lets see how it looks in a few days. I’m keeping my fingers crossed as I’m tired of using the pre-paid or payroll card services.

    • Sandra says:

      Do you mean nationwide insurance or a nationwide online bank?

    • Sarah says:

      Try, it’s open to the public. Free ATM use…at any ATM and free checks. No fees at all!!!

      • FrustratedwithBoA says:

        Well my friends all use USAA and I have an investment account with them. So last week I did open an account and its funded, and transferred more money in. I’ve already received my debit card and ordered my first batch of checks. I’m hopeful this sticks – I make close to $40k a year and hate using these stupid prepaid accounts.. Bank of America is holding Florida laws as close to their chest as they can – I’m on there because of a bounced payroll check, so they’re going after ME and my bankrupt company. (which I found out is just a way for them to collect on the $$ and settle)

  88. John says:

    It’s crazy that everyone who is on chex system.. and its from bank of america because of fraud.. didn’t know so many people can’t even get a bank account.. I’m another victim.. and I don’t even owe them money.. Going to try out regions..

    • Shay says:

      I opened up with regions and on chexsystem with BOA. I also Chase and BBVACompass. So there are still opportunity to open a checking account. Well I have Checking and Saving, with checks, debit cards, atm for the saving accounts, and full open use of the account.

      • Debbie says:

        Did you open with Reigons in person or on their website? We have a local branch here in town. But several years ago I was denied on their website.

        • Shay says:

          I opened online and drove to 45minutes away to put in a deposit. which was fine with me..

          • Debbie says:

            I’m going to try Regions on line this week when I get paid. If it goes through on line I can run a deposit into the local branch.
            Or I wonder if it’d be better to just go in in person? Someone said if you go in right at closing time they are wanting to leave and may rush and skip steps, like waiting on results from credit and chex.

  89. Evelyn says:

    BOA is sneaky. They opened the account, sent checks, debit cards and acted as the most friendliest bank there was. A week later my account was closed due to Chex Systems negative report. BOA accepted my payroll (direct deposited) and cash that was taken to the ATM three different times. BOA did not warn. They just closed the account. Put a hold on the money that was in the bank and suggested that I call Chex System. Chex System would not talk to you on the phone. Everything had to be done in writing and informed me that it could take up to 14 days for them to respond (send a copy of the report). This happened over the Christmas weekend, leaving me without a dollar. My money was not released until the Monday after Christmas.

  90. Shaun says:

    I have been following this website for about a year now. I myself have fraud listed on my ChexSystems report and its been there for about 4 years now. Now I already have a Wells Fagro bank account that I had got prior to the BofA fraud hit. But I have been determined to find a bank that will approve me for a basic checking account. So far I have had absolutely no luck. Now I know ChexSystems used to keep the hits on their report for 5 years, im not sure how long it is now and if it even works that way with a fraud hit. I cant tell you how many people I see on here get all excited that they were approved for a bank account and come back later saying they closed your account. I really suggest everyone do their homework on that bank that you are applying for before you do it. To many denials on your report isnt good, as its pretty much like a credit report.

    I was on ChexSystems about 10 years ago and on my 3 year the banker at US bank where I used to cash my paycheck asked why i didnt have an account with them. I told them that i was on chexsystems and she told me to wait while she asked the manager something. She then took me over to the manager where she signed me up and gave me an account with temp checks and all. She stated that my account would be on watch for a few months but that it was fully usable.

    • Jamel says:

      I too have been put on chexsystems because of fraud by BofA and so far it’s been hell! I can’t get an account anywhere, I’m thinking it’s mainly because of the “fraud”. I believe if it was something more minor they may overlook it, but instead I continue to get denied. The only way I have been able 2 have an account is through my girlfriend. She has a BofA e-banking account. Where as she can do everything through the atm, so I just use her account. This makes things a lot easier for me, but it’s nothin like your own account. I’ve only been on chexsystems for about a year, so I know it’s an uphill battle from here. I have also seen many people on here that said they had an account with a bank and days or weeks later it has been closed. Luckily I only tried twice since being on chexsystems, since I heard that too many denials puts a flag on your name. Hopefully i’ll find another solution soon…

    • Ansu says:

      I have the same problem with, but JPmorgan chase opened an account for me few days ago.

  91. dawn says:

    Yes, go ahead and reapply.

  92. Sarah says:

    Chase didnt make me pay any fees. I didn’t open a business account with them, though. But chase did open an account for me with five chexsystems.

    • rekia says:

      sarah what did chase check or was it just they don’t use chexsysytem i did get one open at suntrust online and sent them my deposit they mailed my pin# then later mailed my card

      • Sarah says:

        It was a chase checking account and savings account – personal one. I sent them my deposit and set up direct deposit and they sent me my check card and pin # within 7-10 days. I have had that account for over 6 months now.

    • rekia says:

      whata about wells fargo what they check?

      • Shay says:

        Wells Fargo and Wachovia merged…. I couldn’t get an account with wells fargo because i still owe wachovia… you can try…

  93. Sarah says:

    Allybank didn’t give me one. I have one through chase, ingdirect, and Charles schwab. All three opened up a checking account for me.

  94. Sarah says:

    I did it online. I’m in nys. Through

  95. Sarah says:

    Chase will open an account for you. They opened one for me. I’ve had it for 6 months now with 5 chexsystem accounts.

  96. kory says:

    I just opened an account with BOA online. I have 5 items on my chexsystem report. It will be 2 days before I find out if the BOA account is a definite thing.

  97. rekia says:

    what about chase bank or renasant bank

  98. shay says:

    I opened up two account with regions (checking and saving) and with suntrust (checking and saving). I am on chexsystem and telecheck. I was appalled when I saw debit cards and atm cards for the saving and checks in the mail. I probably will not use the checks and also have overdraft privilege which I opted out on.

    • Debbie says:

      Region website states they do credit checks but says nothing about chexsystem.
      I guess I will get denyed there too since I have terrible credit thanks to a ex-husband.

    • peterson says:

      The overdraft protection you say you opted out of is not overdraft protection in the normal sense. You did a good thing by opting out on that. A new federal regulation took effect that says banks can not charge you overdraft fee’s when they pay certain check card purchases overdrawn. The bank has to have prior approval from you to charge you an overdraft fee IF THEY DECIDE to pay a small overage on a check card purchase.Only and only if and when they decide to pay any overdrawn- usually less than 5 dollars overdrawn on check card purchases. You opted out on allowing them to basically steal from you in the form of overdraft charges.

  99. Sarah says:

    Ok, I have over 5 items on Chexsystems. I got denied by every bank. I just got approved through You probably know nationwide because a lot of people have their auto insurance. The checking account is completely free, but you must have direct deposit; otherwise, I believe it’s an $8/month charge.

    Good luck!!!!

    • Jimmy says:

      Later on Chexsystems will be place by most of the banks accross the USA will be Early Warning Services. Wells Fargo and Wachovia Banks are using Early Warning Services and they are replaces Chexsystems. Regions Bank are also using Early Warning Services as well. SunTrust Banking also using Early Warning Services as well.

      • LATOYA says:

        @ Jimmy i just applied @ suntrust and was approved so they go thru early warning services i might as well forget huh? i have account numbers and everything…. wow!

    • Sandra says:

      Does nationwide use chexsystems and do you have to have their insurance. What do u know about state farm?

  100. taffy says:

    i have applied at majority of these banks, i dont know where these people are getting their information, but i have been denied in every state, every bank, there is for over an year..nothing, in order to get an account you would have to change the last 2 numbers of your social security and hope they dont run credit.

    • sandra says:

      You should try Woodforest Bank based out of Texas but you can usually find them inside your local Walmart. I’m in SC and we have them here. They do second chance checking for people like us and will open you an account as long as you don’t owe them but if you paid them they will reopen you one. There I’d a service fee to offet the risk but its 7.95 with direct deposit 9.95 without and it works just like a regular bank.

    • Sally says:

      I have 7 open items on Chex Systems and I was just approved by USAA bank for a checking and savings account. I have my account numbers and have enrolled in online banking and I have also ordered checks through their website. I would give them a try.

  101. Dawn says:

    I’ve been reading all of these posts and decided I would try to open an account at SunTrust. I have “suspected fraud” on my Chex report and haven’t had ANY luck opening an account. SunTrust DID approve my checking and savings and gave me the account number and I was even able to set up online banking. However, I don’t live in any of the states where a branch is located, and now I’m wondering if they will close my account because of that. I did apply with my husband and put him as the primary. He doesn’t have a record with Chex so my thought process was that this may be “better”. What do you guys think? I read on here that they have closed a couple of accounts after a few weeks, some due to EWS. I don’t know if I’m in THAT database and like a previous poster, don’t really want to throw up a red flag in case I am. I’m in Texas and I owe Woodforest so that’s not an option. Any insight from you guys would be appreciated. Thanks =)

    • vince sweeney says:


      I applied with Suntrust and do not live in any states that there in. Suntrust opened my account and then two days later closed it.

      • Dawn says:

        Well, it’s been two days and it’s still opened. I called to ask if they would close it after it was opened due to a chexsystems report and they guy told me no. He did however indicate that it takes them about 2 weeks to get the EWS report back and if you owed a bank a substantial amount of money that was charged off then they would probably close it. My question is why in the hell does it take 2 weeks to get ANY sort of report back these days? It’s 2010!! DNA testing can be done faster! So needless to say, I’m a little leery about changing direct deposit over or sending a large amount of money to deposit. Guess I’ll wait a little longer to see how it goes.

        • Dawn says:

          Well, unfortunately SunTrust did close both of my accounts. Back to the drawing board now…. :(

          • shay says:

            Dawn all you have to do is put in another application at suntrust and they will give u another checking and saving and link it to ur debit card u already have. Just sign in and open an account. That’s how I did it. But send them some money within 30 day on both account and it will stay opened.

            • Dawn says:


              They closed the account after two days. The debit cards that I did get I just cut up and threw away. Maybe I should just put in another application and see what happens?

  102. vince says:

    Has anyone used TCF Bank…is it a good one to use?

  103. Justin says:

    Armed Forces Bank and USAA both opened a checking account for me and I have over 5 banks on chexsystems. Thank you so much for letting me know which banks are the ones to use if your on chexsystems.

    • Tasia says:

      Well i just applied for the same bank and was denied because they use chex systems. I also got 5 banks on chex systems. I just got the denial email today.

  104. Theone says:

    Ok here’s the dealio. We all know the problems with Chexsystems stay away from big banks find a local bank talk to the Manager explain the situation If I was to advise I would say you try to settle with the bank but it was to late they sent it to collections the amount is situations like this you have things going for you #1 bad economy #2 small banks want a relationship unlike the big boys and FYI if you are on check systems your credit is probably in the tank as well so it would be in your best interest to want to have a relationship as well when you acomplish that continue with the chexsystems battle keep in mind I hate banks they are much a neccesaty as water in the world we live in. Keep in mind the less we do with big banks the better our economy as well as your security chase,wachovia and u know the others outsource there loss prevention to India and let me say its pretty degrading when some non english speaking rep from a bank that I keep my money in is closing my account after 8 years of banking because of some crap on chexsystems. They actualy did me a favor

  105. loren james says:

    I called regions and they said they go thru chex systems. Is that a lie they just tell to people?

    • admin says:

      I think Regions does use ChexSystems. However, many people have found success in opening an account with them despite a ChexSystems record.

      Maybe just try applying online.

  106. J says:

    you should also include Capital One direct banking….I am on chexsystems and I have two money market accounts with them. They also just came out with an online interest checking account with free checks and MasterCard debit card that I was approved for. I have also had a Suntrust account since May 2010 with no problem….I opened it online, and was even able to get a Delta Skymiles debit card.

  107. Russ says:

    Regionsbank is the greatest if you have them in the area. Thanks so much for this list! I havn’t had a checking account in over a year and had tried 4 or 5 different banks. No problem at Regionsbank.

    • andre says:

      you sure regions bank is good , you may have open the account but keep me inform after 2 weeks to see if you still have it

  108. Ladybug71399 says:

    Regions bank ROCKS!! I just opened a checking AND savings account with them. Try Regions if nothing else works.

    • Debbie says:

      My employer just went to all direct deposit payroll. I have no bank account.
      I’m in Arkansas and have a Reigons branch here in town. Did you all apply on line or in person?
      We do not have a SunTrust Bank in Arkansas. If I apply on line how would I get the opening deposit to them? However, if they have a history of closing accounts I do not want my direct deposit going to them.
      I don’t know what to do. It’s embarrassing to go in a bank and be denyed.

      • Shay says:

        suntrust give you thirty days to send them the deposit. Send a money order in your name to your account when you open and deposit money in there. I did. I also have regions. I have opened both account (suntrust and regions) online. we dont have suntrust here in texas, but i still have my account opened with them from october of last year.

  109. Ladybug71399 says:

    I just tried to open an account with HSBC and was denied due to Chexsystems reports.

  110. B3b3 says:

    wood forest will open an acct for u as long as u dont owe them, so will USA bank

  111. emem says:

    Does anyone know of a bank in Northern California that will let you open a checking and savings accout? I am on chex with Chase, BofA and Wachovia.

  112. vicky says:

    anyone know any banks in the chicago area that does not use chex systems? Thanks

  113. Jodie says:

    How do I open an account with BofA in Nevada online with no credit card and employer doesn’t offer direct deposit? Can I get a green dot card and use it to open the account?

  114. Betty says:

    Take Suntrust off of this list also. I just tried and they use all of the credit checks including Telechex.

  115. Rena says:

    Chexsystems is under the FTC, a government agency. Chexsystems has to comply with rules and regulation. EWS is not government controlled and does whatever pleases them. Chexsystems has to follow rules and if you have paid off what you own, or you can provide evidence that a fraud allegation is not true, you may get off chexsystems. EWS really deosn’t mean much. I would not pay much attention to them.

  116. Annie says:

    Boone County National Bank in Columbia, Missouri does use Chex Systems. I tried to open an account today. I had an account at another bank 4 years ago that put me on Chex Systems, and so they turned me down.

  117. Sandra says:

    Where is a good place to apply for a business account?

  118. Laura says:

    I opened an account online with Sun Trust and I have 2 reports on my chex. However, when I went into the branch to make the opening deposit they inform me the account was closed and I would receive a letter stating the reasoning of the closure. About a week later I received the letter stating they were not able to maintain my account open due to information in EWS. So they do use EWS not chexsystems. EWS is worst.

  119. Jamel says:

    Does Suntrust still work? I was listed on Chexsystems for “fraud” by Bank Of America. I’ve been denied bank accts from a lot of banks, but I haven’t yet tried Suntrust! If it does work what is the key, applying online?

    • Sandra says:

      worked for me and i have wachovia, bank of america, woodforest and parda fcu on chexsystems with big balaces ranging from $114-2300

      • Jamel says:

        Thanks! I also seen where it says if you’re reported to Chexsystems by Bank of America they also report you to EWS! They didn’t inform me that they reported me there as well, but I don’t know ? Where you reported to EWS as well and still got an account at Suntrust! Mind you I have a “fraud” report instead of a NSF. I don’t owe any money at all eveything was paid before my account was closed by Bank of America. But i’m not sure if it’s even worth trying….help please !

        • Rena says:

          Try to take on chexsystems and have the fraud report removed.

        • Sandra says:

          did you even try suntrust, just try it doesn’t hurt make sure you apply online.

          • Sandra says:

            If you have a woodforest bank in a local walmart, try them they will definitely opened you an account, just as long as you haven’t had an account that wasn’t paid with them before.

        • Sandra says:

          I never answere your question if I am on EWS, actually I am not sure I haven’t ever recieved anything from them but called the other day to get a copy of my report.

          • Jamel says:

            Thanks Sandra ! When you finally figure whether or not you’re on EWS could you let me know as well?

            • Sandra says:

              I am kind of scared because I don’t want it to throw a red flag to Suntrust who I just got my account with thanks to this website, so what do you think?

              • Jamel says:

                Yeah I totally understand where you’re coming from. Did you actually send out for the copy of your report from EWS yet?

                • Sandra says:

                  no I didn’t request my report yet, because I just don’t know I am really unsure because as I said I don’t want to throw any red flags and besides I have never been told that I was in their database anyway. And I do know that my bank uses them because I asked EWS not Suntrust. I just don’t know but I’ll keep you posted. Let me know what you decide. I did read on here somewhere where someone said don’t give EWS voluntary info, such as your employers name and phone number or even your bank account information, be very careful as to the information you give them. Read the post on here where the lady tells you the difference in EWS and chexsystems which she says chexsystems is goverment regulated, idk.

  120. jerry says:

    Just tried with HSBC online and they declined immediately stated I should get in touch with chexsystems.

    • Sandra says:

      I had two accounts in chexsystems when HSBC approved me, maybe 3. Did you try hsbc advance used to be hsbc direct.

  121. Douglasville says:

    As far as I have seen no bank posts an EWS (Early Warning Service) sign out front. When they find deroggatory information, after the fact, that is usually what they use. I think that the individual branch (REGIONS) has the power to override it. However, the Regions manager in Douglasville (Bill Arp Hwy 5) is a racist and I happen to be a black male, so you know how that turned out!

  122. Adam says:

    Bank of the Sierra in Visalia, California DOES not currently use Chexsystems (Thank God)

  123. Laura says:

    Sun Trust worked. I will be making a deposit in a few days. Will post if I run into any problems…..hopefully not;).

  124. t says:


    so you were able to open a business account with BofA?

    did you do it online or in person at a branch?

    any other details?


    • lauryn says:

      i opened personal accounts. But business accounts were available. The trick is to open it online! I absolutely love them, very secure. You can get your pic on your check card!

  125. steve says:

    need a bank in southern california please?! In Chexsystems, US bank and UBOC…2 yrs old


  126. lauryn says:

    I’m so excited! I took your guys advise and tried bank of america! i got a new bank account no problem! its awesome because i am run my own at home business and its been very difficult having to have people write checks to my husband! all the questions when i say they have to make checks out to someone other than myself! thanks guys!!!!!

  127. shell says:

    Does anyone know of any banks in mississippi that doesn’t use chexsystem?

  128. chris says:

    HSBC Bank send me a email message that they have given me a checking account

  129. chris says:

    Bank Caroline is Carolina First now Need to be removed off the list

  130. rebecca says:

    I just opened an account with USAA online and everything went well. I joined as a member (free) and was able to openned a checking and savings account. I also ordered checks for free.

    We’ll see if they dont close it in a week or two just like bofA and Chase did.

  131. Jeni says:

    I have a charge off with bank of america it is on chexsystems. The account is very old 2005. almost time for it to come off. Anyhow, I took a chance and applied online with Bank of america…worth a shot because everyone kept telling me they no longer use chexsystems and what I owed them was sold to another company. Anyhow..I was approved..checks came in the mail and my hello kitty check card. No problems. Also, My brother has an acct with navy federal. They approve anyine who is eligible..sibling, parent, spouse..etc..I applied online paid my $5deposit and have had no issues. Navy fed approves, and does not use telecheck or chexsystems. They place no hold on checks deposited either..NICE!

  132. sandra says:

    I just tried suntrust and it worked even though i said that before they found out about my chexstystems and closed my account so keep my fingers crossed

  133. direct says:

    still looking for a bank in the Chicago area that will let me open a business account

  134. Chris says:

    Most US Bank’s will open an account for you, as long as you go to the branch. If you apply online they do use chexsystems.

    Happy banking

  135. cindy says:

    I live in washington state and I need bank around here please help!

    • Rita says:

      Cindy, I too live in WA state. Try a credit union, but most will use chexsystems. So will all the banks in WA. The best bet is to try to have the negative report removed from chexsystem. If you don’t owe anything and contact them with supporting documentation, they may remove it. They did for my sister. Good luck

  136. Len says:

    This was a lifesaver,if only i’d knew before i would not have lost a $20,000 sale.But thanks so much.I was able to open a business checking at sun trust in NC,and i am on chexsystems.God Bless

  137. Lynn says:

    Both Chase & Wachovia/Wells Fargo have 2nd chance checking. Chase calls it an access checking account. Wells Fargo calls it an opportunity checking account. You will have to go into the branch to sign up thou.

  138. hotlanta says:

    BofA appears to be using chexsystems even for online aps again. Suntrust and Regions looking good for non-chex pulling banks.

  139. Amanda says:

    Do you know what First Internet Bank of Indiana uses to verify new accounts?

  140. Eric says:

    Everbank uses chexsystems

  141. Natalie says:

    I Also have a “Fraud” Reporting from BOA after pulling my money out and closing the account. I was Also approved for Regions and then the later closed the account in 2 weeks. Are there any bank accounts in South Florida (Miami Area) where i can open an account. I am so frustrated with using pre-paid cards!! :(

  142. Lisa says:

    Please recommend a bank in Atlanta that will allow you to open a 2nd chance business account if there are any…thanks.

    • Mark says:

      Hello Lisa,

      In Atlanta (north Georgia) I recommend Georgia’s Own Credit Union ( They do not use Chexsystems at all. It will require a $5.00 deposit to a savings account which becomes your membership fee. After that, you can open an interest bearing checking account with no minimum balance requirements and no monthly service charges. They will even give you the first order of checks free. GOCU is an excellent choice.

  143. cherie says:

    Centrue Bank in Fairview Heights Illinois DOES USE Chexsystems. I just attempted to get an account today (April 8, 2010) and they did a Chexsystems search. Thanks.

  144. adam says:

    Okay, so SunTrust doesn’t use ChexSystems. Does anybody know what they do use? Telecheck? EWS? Also, somebody said that Bank of America not only reports to ChexSystems but reports to EWS. Is that true?

    Because I’ve got a couple of recent overdraft charge off entries on my ChexSystems report from Bank of America and I do not want that to interfere with my future relationship with my recently opened SunTrust account.

    • Sandra says:

      What is EWS?

      • Jason says:

        EWS (Early Warning System) is owned by B of A, Wachovia, BB&T and 2 other banks. Most of the banks that don’t use ChexSystems use EWS. If you are on ChexSystems, 99% of the time, you will be on EWS. I went to Regions and opened an account just fine. Within 1.5 weeks 2x they sent me a letter stating my account was frozen. It was because of an old B of A account that went bad due to me accepting a bad check from what I thought was a friend. I paid the money and they still have me on EWS. EWS is a nightmare.

        • Dawn says:

          Adam, is your SunTrust account still open?

          • adam says:

            hello, i’m the “adam” from comment #568. yes, my suntrust account is still open as of today. my chexsystems and ews reports still list my overdrafted closed accounts from bank of america.

          • adam says:

            i should also mention that i opened my SunTrust account about a month before BofA closed and reported me to chexsystems. so i have no idea whether my SunTrust account still being open today is a result of them not using ChexSystems or just that they don’t periodically look at ChexSystems reports for open accounts throughout the year.

        • peterson says:

          Your not telling something my friend. I have had several checks that I deposited to be returned that I received from other people. The amounts of the returned checks were deducted from my checking account. No problem no foul.
          I bet when that check you speak of was returned unpaid that you didnt have funds available to cover it when it was deducted from your check account. Or you did not go in and make a deposit to cover that returned deposit check.
          Next time tell the whole story.

          • adam says:

            well my story was that i had over $400 in fines to pay and i had to pay them immediately or else my driver’s license would be suspended. and i needed to be able to drive at the time. i was unemployed and didn’t have $400 to give like that. bank of america’s overdraft system let me “borrow” that much money from my account. i was charged a $36 overdraft fee every week or so until the total reached about $500 or so in the negative and it stopped. their standard practice was to give 120 days before closing the account. they kept reminding me too. they were very nice. but despite that, i was still unable to pay the money back at that time. even after they reported the closed accounts to chexsystems, they said if i paid the money back within 30 days, they can remove the entry from chexsystems. that’s how nice their policy was. yet, i was STILL unable to pay it by the deadline.

            i’m not blaming them, they more than gave me enough chances to pay it back. i knew everything that was going to happen when i chose to overdraft my account. it was a choice i took and i accepted the responsibility early on. i was actually surprised at how many chances bank of america gave me to make everything right.

          • adam says:

            and it wasn’t checks that i used. it was an electronic transfer using my PayPal account.

  145. m says:

    I am looking to open a business account in the chicago area and am on chexsystems both for personal and business accounts back in 2005 from TCF bank

    I have chase, bank of america, and some other major U.S. banks, what is the best route for me to take…

    which bank?

    online or in store?

    i have a U.S. incorporation


  146. BB says:

    Best Bank also uses chexsystems…..

  147. Rita says:

    If you are on chexsystems by error or have been reported by a bank that reported an invalid report, please fight it. I did and chexsystems finally removed the invalid report. They’re obligated to remove the report if it is incorrect. If you owe money, pay it ASAP and take on chexsystem and/or the bank. The banks can’t report invalid information. Good luck to all of you who are fighting invalid reports.

  148. John says:

    I owe Suntrust, and Regions any other banks I can try? I live in South Florida

  149. shaun says:

    I applied for FSNB and they turned me down due to my credit report. Wachovia said me credit report was fine, but the fraud of $5000 with BofA disqualified me.

  150. Paulo says:

    does anyone know if suntrust does any extra qualifying at the bank if you apply online, or can you just apply online and then make your deposit at the bank with no problem?

    • Sandra says:

      You can apply online and make your deposit at the branch, I ‘m starting to think all of these people opening suntrust accounts, they may get hipped. LOL

  151. confused in TN says:

    I have a fraud amount of $900 overdrawn at Regions but they want me to make a deposit to bring positive amount. I was starting deposits on Monday every 2 weeks until it was a positive amount, but they said after 60 days it is automatically closed and reported to cheksystems. I will not have this paid off in 60 days if i can only deposit biweekly. Neither do i want to make deposits if it will close since it’s like wasting money. I’m not concerned about opening an account because I have another account with Regions, as well as an account with Community Bank. I am concerned and wondering if this affects my credit in any way, or is it just for banking purposes.

    Also looking to refinance in a few months, so I really don’t need anything negative on my credit. Please help.

    • peterson says:

      You say your overdrawn 900 dollars at Regions Bank.
      Then you say you dont care because you have another account at Regions also. They will take any money you owe them from any other accounts you have with them ( Regions)
      Also if you have any installment loans with Regions that they hold collateral on: they will not release the lien on that collateral as long as you owe them money overdrawn or late on any other account !
      You also say your planning to refinance soon. If it’s your home and it’s financed at Regions, they will deduct any money you owe on closed/overdrawn accounts. That’s if they agree to refinance- if your home is with them.
      Best to pay that money you owe on that account. In the long run it will not be a waste of money.
      Pay it and move on. Stop running accounts overdrawn and stop spending deposited funds until the checks you deposited clear!

  152. Kathy says:

    i live in california , and i really need a check account since i got in chexsystem, anyone has any ideas ?

  153. Andrea says:

    Thanks so much for this website. I am in chexsystem and I opened an account with SunTrust today! Going to the bank to make my deposits. Never knew I could get another account again!!!

  154. raquel says:

    also I had acct with chase owe them 100, went to pay it to see if they would grant me another
    But they state I’m in chexsystem and they can not

    • lauryn says:

      do you have proof that you paid the bank? most banks will open the account for you if you have proof you paid.

  155. raquel says:

    Bank of amer. Put me in chexsystem for “fraud”, which I paid them.
    I opened acct with suntrust last week they closed it within a week
    Later stating EWS reported me. Because of boa I can not find a bank
    Do anyone have any suggestions
    In atlanta by the way

    • Mark says:

      Hello Raquel,

      In Atlanta (north Georgia) I recommend Georgia’s Own Credit Union ( They do not use Chexsystems at all. It will require a $5.00 deposit to a savings account which becomes your membership fee. After that, you can open an interest bearing checking account with no minimum balance requirements and no monthly service charges. They will even give you the first order of checks free. GOCU is an excellent choice.

  156. SC says:

    Bank of America will open accounts for you if you are chexsystem but they must be open online. Their standard policy is to order approval the application and it may take a few days but will approve it. They will contact you to verify your information then, the account will open.

  157. rita says:

    Wow!!! Just got approved for a checking account with Regions…I am so happy. I have been without an account for 4 yrs. Thanks to this site, I finally have what I need. Regions is great. Thanks

  158. Rita says:

    Armed Forces Bank does not use chexsystems and you do not have to be in the military to join them.

  159. Rita says:

    I had an identity theft and someone obtained unauthorized access to my JP Morgan Chase account. Chase then froze the account and then closed it without providing an explanation. When I received the chexsystems report, it said “suspected fraud activity”. I am currently requesting chexsystems to investigate the Chase report which chexsystems has started. I also reported Chase to OCC, the federal body that oversees NA banks. If you get invalid and/or problematic reports from a bank, and you don’t owe any money, start fighting it. Big Banks do whatever they want to. I too got denied applications because of the “suspected fraud activity” statement. I do not own any money and still don’t know who got my personal information. Law enforcement has been notified.

  160. maryam says:

    hi i just got an account with suntrust bank! thank you.

  161. Mcurtis says:

    I have two banks on my chexsystems report.
    Plus bad credit and suntrust just gave me
    checking and savings accts. at a branch. Thank
    you very much for this site!

  162. Hollywould says:

    I see that People Bank of Texas AKA Peoples Cash Solutions opens a new account for chex systems people and no credit check.

    • Rita says:

      They do not open an account if you have a fraud report on chexsystems

      • B3b3 says:

        i have 7 banks on my report, PEOPLES BANK, IN PARIS TX will open an acct for u as long as u mail the initial 30 deposit with ur app, they have no monthly fees and their overdrAFT is 25 bucks, they give u a traditional checking acct, and even send u checks, very very helpful they have a dicretionary overdraft of 300 for ACCTS w/o direct dep and 500 if you have direct deposit, i love them

        • Debbie says:

          You don’t have to live in the Paris, TX area to get a account there? Seems like they would wonder why someone from out of state would want to open a account with them.

  163. jesse says:

    are there any banks in south jersey thats dont use check systems

  164. Richard says:

    If you have any chexsytems issues I would highly recommend to open an account with TCF. Very nice staff and they answer all of your questions. If you are not close to a branch I would suggest to call there toll free number that’s on there website.

    Good Luck

  165. GIGI says:


    • lisa says:

      Hi Gigi

      I am in the same position and guess what I just opened and account with SUNTRUST BANK . TRY IT !!! I AM CLOSING MY BANK OF AMERICA TODAY ..

  166. Shaun says:

    I have fraud reported on my chexsystems report and need to open a business checking account for a new business I have started. I live in California and most banks require you to be in the same state as the back. US bank and Union bank will not help due the the “fraud”. Has anyone had any luck in California when they had fraud on their account? Also, this needs to be a business checking and not a personal. Thank you.

  167. cody says:

    If you are looking to open a business checking acct. fifth third bank will not run chex systems on business checking only!!!! If you apply for a personal checking or savings they will run it through chex systems. The process is very easy the minimum initial deposit is only $100 and after that there is no minimum and its absolutely free. Go to They wont tell you about the business checking in regards to chex systems but I have done it for 3 different businesses online and walking in the branch

    • Michele says:

      Hi Cody,

      What are the requirments to open a business account? I live in CA and have been denied by Chase, Wells Fargo, US Bank in store location. I owed $300 to Wells Fargo and $700 to BofA which has left a bad mark. I never knew this could happen and do not know what to do.

      • cody says:

        The only requirements are to be registered with the state whether it be a ficticious name, incorporated or whatever. When you open the account they will ask to see whats called an ss-4 form from the IRS. If you dont have one you can contact them and they will fax it over to you the same day free of charge. I dont have the number to call but if you go to, they should be the info you need to contact them by phone to get that form.

        If you dont have a tax id, you can get one for free on that website which is also free, after they give you the tax id they will also give you the ss-4 page that you need at the end of the process. Make sure you print it out because they wont give you another one unless like i said you call them up and have them mail you one or fax it. I know this might sound a little complicated, but its really not that hard, or at least in Florida where I’m at.

        You can always call fifth 3rd bank and they will tell you exactly what you need as well. What type of business are you in? Are you incorporated with the state? Let me know if i can help you out in any other way because if they wont do it in California you can always register in Florida…..just an idea….let me know if that works out for you and if you have any questions.

        Cody Hanick

  168. idy says:

    Thank you so much!!! Just opened an account with Regions bank! I had been searching all day for a bank to open a checking account for me after being in the chexsystem for 2-3 banks. I am soooooooooo glad I found this site!! I love it!!! & I LOVEEEEE REGIONS BANK!!!!


  169. Kheona says:

    REGIONS IS AWESOME.. Just opened a new account with NO PROBLEMS! :) .

  170. Valerie says:

    Thanks for all your comments. Just opened an account with regions. So relieved.

  171. LAM says:

    Successfully opened an account with Regions. Process was very easy.

  172. jeremy says:

    univest in Pennsylvania uses chexsystems. just applied for checking account and got denied.

  173. Tonya says:

    Hey, I just applied with Suntrust and was approved with no problem.

  174. Kellie says:

    SunTrust also came through for me…. I applied online. :) I have one bank on Chex… so I’m hoping they don’t shut me down later! Thanks for the info!

  175. bcandia says:

    Sun Trust Bank worked for me!!! Thanks :)

  176. Holly says:

    Yes! I have a new account! Regions uses Equifax to verify for accounts not chexsystems. Thanks to everyone for their info. Reading here saved me a lot of time and trouble.

  177. Victor says:

    I would like to open a checking account in Atlanta GA anywhere near zip code 30317

    I was put on check systems by error and I find it hard to remove it. I am 67 retired and receive social security each month on a Mastercard.

    I would like to make automatic payments from my income into a new checking account.

    Can you help me?

    Yours very truly,


    • Chris says:

      Regions gave me a account and i have 6 banks on my chexsystem report they have 7 branchs in atlanta Ga My direct deposit go in my account so, i got it right there on a visa card when i need it. The staff is very friendly i am gald i found Regions bank.

  178. Libby says:

    Thanks SO much! Just opened a savings AND checking account with Suntrust online!!I’m on chexsystems and have filed bankruptcy I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get back on track again!!

  179. JIM says:

    THANKS your comments were true and they helped me just got an account with bank of america.

  180. Justme says:

    I just got a account with SunTrust and i am in ChexSystem. I am so relieved!!!!

  181. Gene says:

    You might want to try using HSBC, they are from New York, but I opened an online savings account, an then opened a checking account over the phone…… Both times I was approved. Im not sure however if it was because I had a credit card with them tho. It’s worth a shot!

    • sandra says:

      I opend both online accounts and got checks with one and i am in chexsytems so i’m not sure how they do things

  182. Mike says:

    just to let everyone know firstfederal of NC is useing teletrek and need to be removed from list.
    the reason i know that I’m moving from Phoenix Az called to set up account and they said they are useing teletrek / check systems

  183. Chris says:

    Carolina first uses telecheck wich is a credit check

  184. Chris says:

    Palmetto Bank in SC give me a account and i am on chexsystems

    • admin says:

      I just checked with Palmetto Bank, and the customer rep did confirm that they use ChexSystems to verify new accounts.

      Here’s what she said: “Thank you for your email request. We do utilize Chex Systems before opening deposit accounts. If you are interested in completing a request for a checking account we offer several options.”

      I’m guessing they open accounts on a case-by-case basis.

    • Palmetto in SC says:

      Chris,Try Palmetto Bank I got an account with them after explaining my situation to the branch manager.

  185. Rachel says:

    I know this from experience, but I have recently switched to Wachovia aka/Wells Fargo and I have been with them since June 2009 and was in check systems at the time. The strange thing is that I applied on line, they called me the next business day for verification and I went to the branch to make my deposits. I was have been with Bank of America and they were great, but I did not like the convenience of not being able to actually go into a branch which is something to consider when opening accounts that are online only. Plus, although I could use any ATM to get funds, I was charged by that branch, but not by Bank of America because there are not branches within a 100 miles of here. I would rather be able to go inside a branch to speak with a representative if I had a problems. But that’s still okay if you need a checking and cannot get one the traditional way.

    • destiny says:

      Hey you can always go to Walmart or Mejier to get cashback instead of going to the ATM getting thoses crazy fees. Im not sure how much Walmart lets you get the max i ever got there was $100.00 & Mejiers I got $180.00 so thats not bad cause u can avoid the fees.

  186. Rachel says:

    Regions do not use check systems, but they will require you to pay them if it is them that you owe. Another one that do not use check systems is Bank of America.

    • admin says:

      I am quite certain that Bank of America uses ChexSystems, but not sure about Regions.

      • Chris says:

        Regions gave me a account and i have 6 banks on my chexsystem report

      • Jennifer says:

        Oh Bank of America definitely uses ChexSystems. Not only do they deny accounts based on that but they love to report you to them as well, especially when the item in question is fraudulent and you are fighting the charges.

        • Dan says:

          Bank of America does use chexsystems however, if you apply online most everyone gets approved. I’m on chexsystems & Bank of America opened both a Checking & Savings account for me in May of 2009. I haven’t had any problems with them and it’s been almost a year since the accounts were opened.

          • Jodie says:

            How do you apply online when you don’t have a checking account, credit card and employer does not offer direct deposit?

        • destiny says:

          well Bank of america came to my job for an open house. They gave me both a checking & a savings account. I really don’t think it matters to them if yr on check systems or not. this was back in March. My husband open up both a checking & a savings in July no problems and boy both of us are in the chex systems.

      • Quin says:

        absolutlely!!!!! Bank of America uses chex-Systems…

    • GIGI says:


    • sandra says:

      BOA uses chexsystems they would not open an account for me yesterday becuase of this.

  187. Alicia says:

    Are their any banks in California, besides the military ones on the list that do not use check systems?

  188. ShaRhonda says:

    Best Bank does not use chexsystems and they offer a large variety of services.

  189. Clora says:

    First state bank of Michigan says ‘they do not use chex systems” but they do use credit reports to verify that you don’t owe their bank. I am going to try it out today and I will post any updates.

  190. Clora says:

    Citizens Bank Uses Chex Systems.

  191. mr_IMSORIGHT says:

    Regions Bank, may not use Chexststems but they do have other ways of finding out

    • Bill says:

      They do report to it because they are on my report. I called them just now and was told if I come in and pay my debit they will open me a new account with checks and a debit card.

  192. Chris says:

    Ally uses Chexsystems. Please take them off the list. Thank you.

  193. Darrell says:

    Suntrust uses Chexsystems, as wells as a credit verification.

    • tammy says:

      suntrust does not use chexsystem, i applied online and had no problems. my husband and i are both on chexsystem

    • MUAH says:

      Suntrust does not use chexsystems, I got an account with them after being denied from ALL banks around me, my account has been open for about 5 months now…i applied online.

      • admin says:

        I guess the key here is to apply online.

        • Mustang says:

          All of your messages were great. I was able to use Suntrust.

          • employee says:

            Just to let all of you know. I worked for SunTrust for several years. Yes they use chexsystem. but, they are given such tight quotas that they will open accounts for anyone. (almost). it is case by case. they also do a credit check. they open the account just so that they get credit. it does not matter that in 30 days you over draw it, because at that time they will close the account and report it as FRAUD. and you will NEVER be able to open an account again. I would suggest staying AWAY from SunTrust at all cost. I do not work for them any longer just because of the things that they do to their customers.. They are very unethical in many of their practices and i can tell you that the horror stories on line are true. but if you decide that you are desperate enough that you need an account. I would suggest that you keep a close eye on the account meaning DAILY, up to twice a day. if you have a dollar in that account and you make a deposit and also write a check or use you debit card they will purposely over draw your account and then submit your deposit. I hope that all people that are with SunTrust are being treated well. PLEASE just be cautious and very aware of your account.

        • chris says:

          They give me a account and i appy online but they found out that i had a account when they were CCB. They closed all my accounts out and sent me a check for all of the bal. i had in all my account. I found been with regions for amost a year with 3 accounts. They have been the BEST BANK i have ever deal with, I found this web site and it lead me to open a account at Regions. Now i am going to local banks to appy for a new account. To see if they use chexsystems so i can help people in the area of GREENVILLE,SC by adding, what i know to this website. Because We Americans like to not pay for cashing a check that we have worked for!!! Or paying for a account because we got robbed by the bank of over draft fees. SO HELP TO ADD INFO AND TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THIS WEBSITE!!

  194. Gwendolyn says:

    US Bank does use Chexsystems.

    • Slywink says:

      USBank In-Store branches can only see back 3 years on your chex report.

      USBank only checks your chexsystems to see what services they can offer you.

      Most all in Chex are given immediate accounts except for Fraud entries or if you owe USBank.

      In-Store branches are the most lenient – (per my USBank Manager).

      • Nicole says:

        I currently owe Us bank. If I pay it off will I be able to open another account?

        • jr says:

          not if you pay it off and dont close it. us bank was horrible for atm transactions and bill pay. if its closed then they have already put you in the system. someone actually withdrew money from an atm with my account number at a casino. us bank did not investigate. i did.

    • Debbie says:

      I just opened account with US Bank on line. Will they close it after i mail in my deposit? Of so, what happens to my deposit?

      • jr says:

        i had them. more than likely they have opened the account. many times online banks do take the deposit and open the account. B OF A used to open them on line for most anyone.

  195. Laurie says:

    Trustco uses chexsystems. Take off the list

  196. Laurie says:

    Could someone suggest a bank on this lists which enables
    business accounts with checking priveleges

  197. Doug says:

    Woodforest reports to chexsystems.

    • Chris says:

      woodforest has 2nd chance checking for 9.95 mo or with direct deposit 7.95

      • Laurie says:

        Yes, they do offer a second chance checking, but they won’t let you open an account if you are on chexsystems. Just tried a week ago. :-(

        • DeAnne says:

          I managed to get one w/ WoodForest & not the 2nd chance Banking. However now they have started charging customers $5.95 a month if your account falls below $100.00.

  198. admin says:

    Amcore Bank was removed from the list because they are using ChexSystems.

  199. admin says:

    First Citizens Bank was removed from the list because they are using ChexSystems.

  200. steph says:

    BBT does use Chex Systems, you may need to update this listing.

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