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What is the Get Checking Program?

The Get Checking Program was a national education program that was created with the belief that everyone has the right to open a checking account, even if they have had prior problems with bank accounts and have a ChexSystems record. The program got its start in the state of Wisconsin. It was formed by a team of banks, businesses and government agencies.

The main objective or purpose  that underlies the Get Checking Program is that there are people who need help when it comes to learning how to effectively manage their money and when it comes to balancing their checkbooks. These are skills we must acquire and not talents that we are born with. The Get Checking Program is sponsored by a parent company of ChexSystems, Inc. known as the UW-Extension and eFunds Corporation.

This program qualifies applicants for access to checking account services so that they do not have to be without a banking account. It is very difficult in the society we live in to manage money and to do any type of financial transaction without having a bank account.

The Get Checking Program will provide valuable information that is needed to assist a person in selecting as well as managing a demand-deposit account. Once you have opened a checking account you will then have the financial tools that you need to manage your money in a convenient and efficient manner. From there you will be able to work towards the financial goals that you have set for yourself.

How it Works

Those who wish to participate in the Get Checking Program must agree to attend a six hour workshop or seminar that is provided by a participating educational organization. Following the end of the course the individual will receive a certificate that shows that they completed all of the requirements of the program. Following the program the individual is entitled to a ChexSystems report update which will confirm that the person has successfully completed a consumer education course.

Once the individual has their certificate in hand they are then free to apply to open a new checking account at any participating financial institution (be it a bank or credit union). The instructor of the Get Checking Program will provide all of the students with a list of participating banks at the conclusion of the course. It costs $50 to enroll for this program.

Why Should I Open an Account?

You may wonder why it is so important to have a checking account in the first place? The answer is because it provides you with a smart place to keep your money in one place and it makes money management that much easier. Having an account is also wise because:

*It is safer for your money

*It is a convenient way to manage and save your money

*It is less expensive

*It opens up access to other banking products such as loans and credit cards (or lines of credit)

Who Can Apply? 

The Get Checking Program is available to all consumers who feel that it could be of benefit to them. However it is important to note that it is geared at those people who have non-fraudulent activities on their ChexSystems report. It is also for those who presently do not have an account with a financial institution. It is also for those who have never had an account before and simply do not know where to begin.

To apply for a new checking account following completion of the Get Checking Program you must pay off any debts that are presently owing to any of the banks or credit unions that you banked with in the past. You also must be able to meet all of the current requirements of the new bank that you wish to open an account with. Find out what they are before applying.

Update Regarding Get Checking

Please note that the Get Checking Program was officially discontinued as of October 28, 2009. It was replaced by a new program alliance that was called Checking Network USA.

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