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Non-ChexSystems Banks in Virginia

Armed Forces Bank
Regions Bank
Suntrust Bank

Know of any banks in Virginia that does not use ChexSystems? If so, please provide the bank details using the comment form below. Our community appreciates your help.

2 Comments to “Non-ChexSystems Banks in Virginia”

  1. Jarrell Jackson says:

    I am posting to say I walked into Suntrust today…being in chexsystems and walked back out with my business account open…I am going to build trust with them while at the same time getting my chexsystems corrected (1 bad marking with several other accounts marked paid but they still denied me at BB&T) and after I get it corrected I will be opening my personal account.

  2. Just saying says:

    I think SunTrust does use checksystems. you may want to double check, and update the list.

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