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Non-ChexSystems Banks in California

Armed Forces Bank
Fort Sill National Bank

Know of any banks in California that do not use ChexSystems? If so, please provide the bank details using the comment form below. Our community appreciates your help.

5 Comments to “Non-ChexSystems Banks in California”

  1. Beth says:

    Navy Fed. or Armed forces bank. Are good choices. They both have online apps and mobile check deposite’s. So you don’t have to go to the bank. You can apply anywhere in the country. They are great.

  2. Trent says:

    You might want to consider opening up a business bank account if you can… You can get a free ein online and just file a Dba… You won’t have to pay fees at least and you get an account

  3. Lisa Dewey says:

    I need to find a bank in my area that does not have chexsystems. I went thru a bad divorse and my ex-husband forged checks in my name. I went to court and hired an attorney as was found not guilty. the case was dismissed and I paid for the checks and my name has been clesred thru the DA’S office. I need to get this cleared up asap with chexsystems to open an account. please help me. I need a bank close by without chexsystems until we can get this resolved. I live in Ben Lomond, Ca. 95005

    Many Thanks,
    Lisa Dewey

    • Jane Doe says:

      Lisa, you might have to ask certain banks around you if they can provide second chance checking (you get charged monthly, but these days, there aren’t truly free checking accounts anymore unless you direct deposit or have a minimum balance). OR you can get a prepaid card. Western Union Moneywise card and Walmart’s Moneycard are just a few. Good luck.

    • Tracy Williams says:


      I have found that Wells Fargo and Union Bank offer second chance banking, even if you are in chexsystems.


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