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Green Dot Gold Prepaid MasterCard

The Green Dot Gold Prepaid MasterCard is, as the names implies, a prepaid card that works more like a debit card than a credit card. This prepaid card makes it such that cardholders have complete control over the money that they spend. Money management is a snap when you start using your Green Dot Gold Prepaid MasterCard on a regular basis.

You can load whatever amount of money you wish onto the prepaid card and that is exactly the amount that you have to spend. There are no credit checks for this card and it does not cost you anything whatsoever to activate the card online. There are free cash withdrawals for this MasterCard at over 15,000 participating ATMs. There is no overdraft fees connected to this card because overdraft is not an issue. There is no APR and no annual fee. As long as you make at least 30 purchases a month with your Green Dot card you will not be subject to a monthly charge.

Basic Information about Green Dot

The Green Dot Gold Prepaid MasterCard is issued by the Columbus Bank & Trust Company. Its card network encompasses both MasterCard as well as Visa. It is:

• A card for those with bad credit
• A card that offers guaranteed approval
• A co-branded credit card
• A prepaid debit card
• A tax refund card

Important to Know About Green Dot

The Green Dot Gold Prepaid MasterCard lasts for one year from the activation date of it. After the expiration date has come and gone no amount of money can be loaded onto the card and the card can no longer be used.

If the cardholder still has money remaining on the card after the expiration date has come and gone then the individual has the option of applying for a new card. The funds from the old card will be transferred to the new card once it arrives.

All Green Dot prepaid cards arrive in your mailbox with a zero dollar balance. It is up to you how much money you wish to load onto your card. You can load funds onto the card by way of direct deposit or another option is to do so through a retailer. It goes without saying that you must load money onto your card before you can start to use it anywhere.

The Green Dot Gold Prepaid MasterCard is accepted anyway that you see the MasterCard logo. It can be used online and offline. Be aware though that if you try to use it for a purchase that exceeds the balance on the card then it will be declined.
The card has been given a rating of 4.5 out of 5 which is a very good thing.

Best and Worst Features

The best features of the Green Dot prepaid card include:

*100 percent approval rate
*$0 activation if done online
*Low fee structure
*No credit check required
*No overdraft fee
*No penalty fees

There is only one unattractive feature connected to Green Dot. It is:

*Monthly maintenance fee $5.95
(This fee can be waived if you make 30 purchases or more on your card or if you load $1,000 onto your card per month. This excludes all ATM balance inquires, teller cash advances, online bill pays at and all ATM declined withdrawals.)

Card Rates

There is no introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and no introductory period. There is no annual fee and no grace period because it is not required. There is no late payment fee to worry about. There is no opening minimum fee but you are charged $2.50 for an ATM fee, every time you use it. To receive a balance inquiry at an ATM will cost you $0.50 while a teller cash advance will cost $2.50.


Founded in 1999, Green Dot is a leading provider of prepaid debit cards and owner of one of the nation’s largest retail cash reload and payment networks. With millions of customers and growing, you can count on us to be there for you. Get a card online or find our products in the prepaid section at tens of thousands of major retailers across the U.S. We’re an American owned and operated company with headquarters located in California.

No credit check. No bank account required.

  • FREE $0 Activation Online – with NO credit check!
  • FREE Cash withdrawals at over 15,000 participating ATMs
  • FREE Online Bill Pay & Direct Deposit
  • NO Monthly fee for any month with at least 30 purchases
  • NO Transaction fees on US purchases
  • NO Overdraft or penalty fees
  • NO Minimum balance required
  • GET $10 with Direct Deposit (see site for restrictions)

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