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Class Action Lawsuit against ChexSystems

According to Attorney Lee Sherman of Callahan, Thompson, Sherman & Caudill LLP, ChexSystems is in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The class action lawsuit alleges that ChexSystems is refusing or failing to add consumer dispute statements to the reports.

Currently, the lawsuit is in the information gathering stage.

If you believe you could be a part of the class action or would like to contribute vital information, contact Attorney Lee Sherman at (949) 261-2872 or e-mail him at

28 Comments to “Class Action Lawsuit against ChexSystems”

  1. None of your dam business says:

    I called chex system today, I ask for a supervisor or Manager, gues what everyone, every man or women who answer the phone at Chexsystem are lawyers and judges, I was told, just buy asking them who is chex system and who came up with this program, I never got a straight answer,so I figure it was goverment ran,then all of sudden the male told me I make four hundred thousand a year and I dont have to listen to you over the phone, I am an attorney, I told him he said all that to say what. I will be suing, I called all the banks I have dealt with in the past five years I owe nothing to any bank.

  2. IJC says:

    Why are banks allowed to “flag someone” they offer a service that you are charged for it is not a free! They are in the business of money, just like my business I run a risk every time I deal with a customer. I sure wish I could “flag” my customers and prevent them from doing business from everyone in my business industry. I am on Chexsystems for a bad check that was written to me. I owe them .41 cents.
    Thanks Chexsystems what a joke.

  3. liz says:

    I have been blackballes with applying for any banks because of this craps called chexsystems now what I tried opening an account they allowed it then I went to make a deposit for 1000 dollars savings only not checking I went to chase them bastRds told me man I’m sorry you have restricted on your acct mind u 3 days later I said y they say they could not tell me I was at the branch but u left the bank went in my car and I called Chase they said I was in chez systems I said what how.could I come to think about it someone opened up an account in my name now I’m in the pothole stuck and cannot do nothing about it

  4. Gene Reza says:

    I would like to join the class action lawsuit back in 2006 i bounce a check with Washigton Mutual and they got bought by JP Morgan Chase stating that owed them maybe they didn’t get the memo that I have already paid WAMU. Talk about Bailing the banks out of Bankruptcy and that has they repay us the Consumer. We own the Fuc#%! banks not the government at tax payers hard work earn money.

  5. Kristen says:

    How do you even try to FIGHT these people at Chexsystems ??? Someone please help we had to close an avvount due to frud and now having a hard time reopening a new account ??

  6. Gene Reza says:

    Back in 2007 I use to bank with Washington Mutual. I paid everything before closing my account, and now JP Morgan Chase put me on Chexsystems because they said there’s a balance on the account, and I don’t even bank with them.

    • Rich Herrick says:

      That is exactly what happened to me, too! Closed an account with Washington Mutual in 2007 in good standing. No overdrafts, etc. Now in the fall of 2011 I moved to a different state and tried to open a new bank account and I found out I was on ChexSystems. Chase can’t find any proof of why, etc. But . . . they said they will still keep me on ChexSystems. I have gone to a lawyer. I am going to pursue this legally. Just ridiculous.

  7. Jessica says:

    I collectively feel your pain. I have never had any issues with my credit. When i moved from north dakota unexpectedly, i closed my account. Apparently there where was a pending 10$ charge. The bank charged me an extra 20$ overdraft fee and i never knew about it. Until i went to open a bank account 2 years later. My life is now ruined for 30$. Unbelieveable. These people are crooks. plain and simple.

  8. ChexSystemsSux says:

    I was put on ChexSystems for 5 years. The bank claiimed I owed them $300, even they I paid and had a receipt. Years later I won a lawsuit and had a good chunk of money. The same bank said they would make everything disappear if I gave them (another) the $300 & deposit my money there. 1 month after I did this, the credited my account for $300 and apologized for the mistake!!!!!

  9. Theo says:

    I had gotten my life together, and landed a great job. I tried to get direct deposit but was denied at 4 different financial instituitions. Chexsystems had me in default with Chase. I contacted Chase, who stated they had no record of me even having any type of account with them. Chexsystems refused to assist me in resolving the issue. I am now in pre-litigations.

    • Orlena says:

      Hi, my name is Orlena. Chex Systems has done the exact same thing to me. Chase put me through collections and they never gave me any proof of me oweing them a thin dime. Chex Systems of course has refused to show me any proof that I owe the company any money as well. I am having to get an attorney for all of it. You should sue the hell out of Chex Systems and Chase.

  10. ChexSystems does not bank fairly! There is no person, or persons, one can dispute an issue with, and good luck, and bless you if you’ve been a victim of ID theft. I thought that they were there to help me, but there seems to be no one at ChexSystems on my side.

  11. Mitch says:

    I recently sued Chex Systems in Pennsylvania for Libel, as part of a six count lawsuit filed against Huntington Bank (overdraft litigation). Their attorney immediately offered to settle my claims by deleting the bank’s reported information. I advised their attorney that unless that offer was accompanied by 2,500.00 in compensation, I’d rather litigate. Over the next two months Chex Systems will spend much more than 2,500.00 to defend my legal action, and ultimately, I expect to be awarded damages and injuctive relief forcing the bastards to delete the report from my Chex Systems file. Fight back and they will fall.

  12. cleo smith says:

    all together how much do owe
    owners inquire/we find the person and fire them
    or more than one hurting the firm

  13. gina says:

    Bank of America as well as other banks have class action law suits against them for not applying deposits correctly and charging astronomical fees to customers. You can google banks class action suit and it will bring up any banks involved in class action suits due to over draft fees.

  14. Charlie says:

    Becarfull their is a new Boy in town call EWS (Early Warning Systems)

  15. Nikki says:

    I just “opened” a wells fargo acct after my bofa was closed…they approved me, i deposited money and i tried to use my card to only to find out that they had cancelled the account. Chexsystems will ruin your life forreal. I am very irritated..i definitely learned my lesson though.

    • Shay says:

      You are so correct. I opened the account with Wells Fargo, myself. They do a second check with chexsystem and closed the account. Luckily, I wasn’t able to deposit any money to the account and they closed it. But I have Suntrust and Regions. So you may want to try them.

      • Nikki says:

        Shay did you open the Regions and Suntrust after being denied from Wells Fargo? If so, I will try it.

        • Shay says:

          I opened with regions and suntrust around January 2011. I just got denied with Wells Fargo about two weeks ago. But I have 6 different entries with chexsystems, and still got approve with regions and suntrust. Some prepaid card will possibly help also. So have limits up to $10,000 that can be deposited at different times. not all at one. I have capital one prepaid also. as well as their money market with no minimum balance and no fees. so just look around to see what may help sallie mae has a saving account, american express has a saving account. Good luck

    • Charlie says:

      Becarfull now there is a new boy in town located in Phoenix Arizona, their name EWS Early Warning Systems, I also open an account with Regions after 3 months they close the account because of EWS this company monitors all new accounts and if they see you are in checkxsystems they will contact the Bank you open the account with, and BANG they close it that’s what happen with me

    • Amanda says:

      Did you get the bank that you had deposited in to the account before Wells Fargo closed your account? I currently am in the same situation, but haven’t been able to make contact with the banker that was going to find out what is going to happen with my money that the bank has a hold on.

  16. taffy says:

    i am in chexsystem because bank of americas manager did not identify a fraudulent check, and i have been paying for it i cannot open an account any where, and i have suffered humiliation i feel that i have been black balled.i did not do anything wrong, but my life is ruined i have contacted chexsystem on several occassions to get this straightened, but no one cares its as if your on death row lost in the system.

    • Kris says:

      I also am in Chex Systems due to my checking account being negative for $150 for 22 days!!!!! I have also been humiliated and would love to black ball the FOREIGN runners of the place if you ever get them on the phone to begin with!!!!

  17. Gabriella Schiffman says:

    My bank (Bank Atlantic) placed a 2-day hold on cash I deposited, then several items hit my account on the 2nd day, the bank charged me 7 overdraft fees ($245)! I also tried to stop payment on two items, they charged me $30 for each, did not stop the payments and did not refund the two $30 fees, which caused more overdraft fees.
    I have been unable to resolve this type of things with my bank so tried to change banks. When I applied at the new bank I was denied due to NSF events!
    I feel completed ripped off and now I can’t open up an account somewhere else due to this “Chexsystem”.
    Aren’t we supposed to be able to vote to be regulated like this?
    This company is collecting information on my without my agreement and I have no defense to ensure it is accurate.
    I make over $5000 per month and drive a BMW – and I can not believe I am being denied approval to open a bank account!

  18. alex says:

    Chexsystems placed someones bank account debt with the same number as my social security number in their system. I want to sue them!

  19. Anonymous says:

    About a month ago I opened a new business checking account. I deposited about $700.00 and ordered new checks (cost about $50). I had gone out to buy gas and found that the debit card to the account had been cancelled. There was about $600 dollars in the account. The next day I called the bank and they said they were going to close the account because my former bank had reported me to chexsystems. I explained that I had disagreed with overdraft fees at the former bank. I know feel I have in effect been black listed because of a disagreement with another bank. Now I have no way of accepting checks. which is integral to running my wholesale craft business, something that I have been doing for the last 22 years. I live in the mountains in western NC there are no jobs and without being able to have a checking account I have no idea how I will be able to effectively run my business. Do I have any rights in this matter after all I am now invested in this bank and have attached payments to this account.

    • ned says:

      It seems that there is not much you can do, banks can get away with just about anything they want. They make new rules as they go along. The US Gov makes it easy for these big time crooks to get away with just abount anything. Remember the old day the customer is always right, now it’s more like the big as..oles (banks) are always right! We the consumers should start black balling these bastards. FIGHT BACK! Call your state reps and get them to help!

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