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Millennium Advantage Pre-Paid Mastercard

The Millennium Advantage Pre-Paid MasterCard is available through the Millennium Bank and by way of It is a prepaid debit card that was developed to help those individuals who may have tried but failed to be approved for a standard unsecured credit card. It is also an excellent choice for those who simply prefer the convenience that comes with debit cards and have no interest in obtaining a credit card.

Features of the Millennium Advantage Pre-Paid Mastercard

The Millennium Advantage Pre-Paid MasterCard has its share of features. They include:
• No credit check required
• No income verification needed
• No Chexsystem check
• Card can be used at over 900,000 ATM’s and millions of locations across the globe
• No minimal balance required
• Use the card to shop in retail stores as well as for online shopping
• Telephone and online account access

Terms of the Card

The Millennium card has no introductory rate, no introductory period and no regular rate because it is a debit card and not a credit card. There is no annual fee attached to the card and no balance transfers from other cards are permitted. The type of credit you have does not matter when it comes to applying for this prepaid debit card.
A prepaid debit card can be a much better choice than a credit card because you will not get into debt if you use this card and overspending is never an option. At the same time you still get the convenience that comes along with using a credit card and prepaid cards offer many of the benefits that most people associate with credit cards. If you are looking for a prepaid card then the Millennium Advantage Pre-Paid MasterCard is worth taking a closer look at.
As previously mentioned, the Millennium Advantage Pre-Paid MasterCard is a good choice for those who do not have credit that is good enough to make it possible for them to be approved for an unsecured credit card. As the name suggests, in order to use this prepaid card you must make prepayments on it. In other words, you must load your own money onto it and then you can use it from there. The funds that you place on the card are your designated credit line. The more money you place on the card the higher will your credit line become. You then can make purchases based upon the money that has been loaded onto the prepaid debit card.

Loading Funds onto Millennium

Loading money onto the Millennium Advantage Pre-Paid MasterCard is not difficult at all. In fact it is quite easy to do. If you do online banking you can easily transfer the money from your bank account to your card. Or if you prefer you can load money onto your card by way of one of Millennium’s authorized load partners. Or you can even send the money through the mail and have it loaded onto your card in that manner. No matter which method you choose you will be charged a fee of $1.00 every time you load money onto your card. The manner in which you choose to do it does not matter as the fee will be charged regardless. The maximum amount of money that can be loaded onto your Millennium Advantage Pre-Paid MasterCard at any given time is $2,500 but there is no minimum amount.

Additional Fees

There are some additional fees above and beyond the loading fees that are worth knowing about before you apply for this card. There is an initial activation fee of $99.00 that must be paid to obtain the card in the first place. There is also a participation fee that must be paid monthly that costs $5.95. If you do not use the card for 60 days at a time then you will be charged a $3.00 monthly inactivity fee.


The Advantage is yours – apply for The Millennium Advantage Card TODAY! The Millennium Advantage Card is a pre-paid MasterCard® that gives you the convenience of paying bills on-line or over the telephone, making on-line purchases and using your card wherever the debit MasterCard® brand is accepted.

  • Use your card at over 900,000 ATMs and millions of locations worldwide!
  • No credit check or income verification required
  • No Chexsystem check
  • No minimal balance required!
  • Phone and On-line account access
  • Shop and pay bills on-line!

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